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Totton: Man charged after police raid on cannabis factory

A MAN was charged after a raid on a cannabis plant in Totton.

Valerijus Potapovas was accused of producing a Class B controlled drug, cannabis.

This happened after the police discovered the factory in the Longstock Crescent apartment.

Mountains of harvested cannabis plants were found and the man was arrested.

A 42-year-old man from Longstock Crescent appeared in court today, where he did not file a complaint.

He was taken into custody and is expected to appear in Southampton Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

In a Facebook post, a police spokesman said, “You might think it’s just some m8 weed,” but it’s still a felony and we’re actively trying to reach out to these people who are higher up the ladder in the drug supply chain.

“Investigation into smelt continues.”

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Author: Emily Liddell

Source: DailyEcho

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