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Bishops’ new spokesman asks Vox to “depoliticize and not take sides on abortion.”

In Castilla y León, in the face of anti-abortion shocks in Vox, defended by the bishops of the region, the new representative of the episcopal conference, Cesar García Magán, called for “depoliticization and not taking sides on the issue of abortion”. The announcement caused a rift among far-right, political and church members attending a New Economy Forum breakfast hosted by the brand new EEC Secretary General.

Presented by the President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García Paige, García Magán called for a “maturity of social awareness” on the issue, stating that it is necessary to protect life “in the mother’s womb” along with protection. “The life of a person who gets into a boat, which should also be protected and protected, and a woman who is at risk of domestic violence, the life of a person should be protected for those who do not put it in their mouth.”

“The message of the Church over time is the same to protect life,” explained the Auxiliary Bishop of Toledo, who emphasized that “I don’t come in to judge people’s circumstances.” “It should make us all think when a woman finds herself going for this solution, which is the easiest solution,” he added.

Attacks on the Pope

As for the attacks on Pope Francis, whose enemies have set flight speed after the death of Benedict XVI, Magan was clear: “The guarantee that we have the evangelization of the bishops is communion with the Successor of Peter. Whoever violates this sacrament is in schism, which violates communion with the Roman Pontiff,” Magani argued.

Regarding negotiations with the government, the EEC Secretary General admitted that he had not had the “opportunity” to meet any ministers and called on him to do so and to “broaden” the framework for dialogue established by the Church-State. Agreements on issues such as support for large families, education or protection for the most disadvantaged. “We can all win in this dialogue.”

“Democracy is not going to vote just once every four years,” he stressed, admitting that there is a “tax study in the final stages of the negotiation process,” though he declined to say anything else “out of loyalty.”

On child abuse, an EEC spokesman admitted that the report commissioned by Cremades could be delayed until the end of this term and that the audit was “free and independent. We do not give any instructions.” At the same time, he reaffirmed his commitment to cooperate with the ombudsman – though he did not specify how – and the judiciary, opening the door to compensation, but only if required by a court order.

Regarding the Pope’s words in a recent interview, where he noted that “homosexuality is not a crime, but it is a sin”, García Magán emphasized that “he does not say anything new, he includes what is related to doctrine. The Catechism says”. Of course : He explained that “the tendency itself is not a sin” and that “no one is stigmatized and anathematized because of sexual orientation or ethnic origin.”

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