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Moisture adds cold and reduces snow levels: Aemet keeps 12 communities ready.

Twelve communities remain on alert for cold, wind, waves and storm surges. Among them, Aragon and Catalonia are at orange level due to a significant meteorological risk, according to the state meteorological agency (Aemet), with temperatures of -10 degrees and waves of 3 to 4 meters on the Catalan coast and the Balearic Islands. islands. However, the situation is expected to improve from the early hours of this Wednesday.

Aemet maintains the yellow level – with a lower risk than the previous one – and also with the expectation that conditions will improve before the day, the communities of the Balearic Islands, Andalusia, the Canary Islands, Castillas, Galicia, Madrid, Navarre, La Rioja, the Community of Valencia and the autonomous city of Ceuta.

The cold persists and snow levels drop into the 400s in some places

The bitter cold will persist over most of the country for the next few days and the arrival of wetter air will bring up to 400 meters of snow in the north of the peninsula, in mountainous environments, in the Mediterranean and Balearic areas. islands.

We are immersed in a mid-winter situation, Ruben del Campo, a spokesman for Aemet, influenced that although “the criteria of intensity, extension and duration are not met to talk about a cold wave”. , the temperature is very low and special care should be taken during frost and snow.

This Wednesday, the early morning left the temperature at 12.3 degrees below zero in Sabinanigo (Huesca), -11.7 degrees in Sierra Nevada (Granada) and -11.6 degrees in Navasquez (Navarra). Throughout this Wednesday, rain is expected in the south of Andalusia and the Balearic Islands, with some drops in the north and east of the peninsula and snow at around 500 to 700 meters.

Temperature below zero

In the Aragon community, Aemet forecasts a minimum temperature of -10 degrees in the Huesca Pyrenees this Wednesday.

In Catalonia, thermometers will drop to -10 degrees in areas such as the Arran Valley in Lleida, and there will also be sea storms in large areas of the region’s coastline, with waves of up to 3 meters, as in the community of Valencia. .

Minimum temperatures will also be very cold in the interior of Andalusia and large areas of Castilla y León, where thermometers will fall to -6C, while it will also be very cold in Castilla-La Mancha as levels rise. – up to 5 degrees, as in La Mancha, Albacete.

In the Pyrenees of Navarre and La Rioja Iberia, the minimum temperature will also be -6 degrees, as well as in the mountains of Madrid.

and wind forecast

In the Balearic Islands, sea storms will blow 70 kilometers per hour, and the Canary Islands will have gusts of 75 kilometers per hour, and in the south there will be storms in the Strait. in Cadiz and the autonomous city of Ceuta.

Changes for Thursday

The arrival of moisture-laden northerly winds, expected from Thursday, will bring rain and snow to the north of Galicia, the Cantabrian communities and the Pyrenees, as well as the central and Iberian systems, Navarre, La Rioja, Castilla y León. It is possible that they reach the community of Madrid, Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha, although less likely further south.

Snow levels will be low and will be around 400 to 800 meters in the far north and 700 to 1,000 meters in the rest of the country, while in Mallorca it will be around 800 meters or more.

Regarding the minimum temperatures, Aemet specified that on Thursday they will increase due to cloudiness, strong winds and frost in large areas of the interior. Maximum temperatures will drop and cool in the middle of the day with strong winds blowing in from the north, east and the Balearic Islands, contributing to very cold conditions.

And from Friday?

On Friday, the rain will continue in southern Andalusia, the Balearic Islands and other parts of the Mediterranean. Precipitation will be concentrated in the north of Galicia, the communities of Cantabria, the north of Castilla y Leon, Navarra, La Rioja and the north of the Pyrenees, where it will only snow from 400-600 meters and will affect cities such as Vitoria or Pamplona.

It will also snow in the north of Mallorca and temperatures will not change much that day, although temperatures will drop during the day in the far north, where many points, along with the rest of the peninsula with mountainous areas, will not. Exceeds 5 degrees in the center of the day

Source: El Diario





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