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Estibaliz Urresola’s debut feature film “20,000 Species of Bees” will compete for the Berlinale Golden Bear.

Spanish cinema continues on the right path in 2023. After a successful presentation Mama Cruz Sundance has already announced the films for the two most important sections of the Berlin Film Festival, and both will feature Spanish. The most important thing is 20,000 species of bees, by Estabiliz Uresola, which will compete for the Golden Bear, the competition’s most prestigious award, which Alcaraz achieved historically last year. The existence of this film is already significant, because so far the Spanish filmmaker has not appeared in the official feature debut section. Even Carla Simon went through parallel passages Summer, 1993. A very strong commitment to Ursola from Berlin, who continues to confirm him as one of the most interesting directors on the current scene, because he is also a director. stringsA short film for which he was nominated for a Goya this year and which passed the Cannes Film Festival.

Behind the film is the production company Inicia Films and Valérie Delpierre, who is also the producer Summer, 1993 i girls, two titles seen in Berlin. In addition, it is promoted by BTeam, who were in the official section last year One year, one night. There are two important assets to secure this production as it hits theaters in the coming months. 20,000 Species of Bees tells the story of eight-year-old Coco, a girl who doesn’t fit the expectations of others and doesn’t understand why. Everyone around him insists on calling him Aitor, but he does not recognize himself by this name and in the eyes of others. Take a look at the childhood of a trans girl, with Patricia López Arnaiz and Anne Gabarain as the biggest names in the cast.

In a statement, Estabiliz Uresola expressed his enthusiasm for being part of the official Berlin squad, “a dream that he did not expect at all.” “I hope this will help the film reach more people. Bees for me are the guarantors of nature’s biodiversity, and since the film is a hymn to diversity, they helped me say many things at once, primarily through the image of the Skiley family. Another important element is the border that the family crosses at the beginning of the film, it is a geographical border and a mental border, which shows the difficulties we have to overcome certain beliefs about ourselves and the people in front of us. he said.about his business.

Uresola is one of six women competing for the Golden Bear out of 18. Among its competitors for the top prize are well-known filmmakers such as Philippe Garrel, Margarete von Trotta, João Canejo or Christian Petzold, and films that are acclaimed. His success at Sundance as past life

Although it will be the only Spanish presence to take part in the Golden Bear battle, it will not be the only presence in Berlin. Lois Patinho is added to those already announced Samsara Enter the Encounters section, reserved for the most daring films and the most daring narratives. According to the director himself, the film explores some of the constants I explore in his work, such as “a reflection on the relationship between man and landscape, an anthropological interest directed particularly at the mythical and spiritual, or a desire to bring the viewer to an intimate and meditative experience”. A light and sound tour that takes us to reincarnation on the beaches of Zanzibar, where groups of women work on seaweed farms, according to their official content. In the same department, the Spanish philosopher Paul B. Preciado, which will give a personal face to the figure of Orlando.

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