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Isetta acknowledges Plácido Domingo’s veto, even though the tenor continued to perform in Spain.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Mikel Isetta, said this Friday that “when it became known that Plácido Domingo admitted that he had behaved in an unacceptable manner, the Ministry of Culture canceled his scheduled performances.” Aiceta replied thus Carlos Ansina’s question about Onda CeroAbout the article, in which it was revealed that the tenor continued to give up to ten concerts in Spain, bypassing the veto of the Ministry of Culture, to play in spaces with public participation, such as the National Auditorium or the Teatro Real under the contract of foundations or companies.

“this [el veto] This happened before my arrival,” the minister said. “You have to tell people that we live in the rule of law, in which the presumption of innocence governs, and therefore, unless there is a court sentence, you have to be very careful with all kinds of accusations,” he influenced, adding. : “But in this case the singer himself apologized.”

“They found themselves – will be developed in relation to the previous team of the Ministry of Culture Mikel Iseta, led by Juan Manuel Rodríguez Uribes – in a situation that deserved the response that the Ministry of Culture did at that time”.

Ministry sources told this newspaper that the action taken after Placido Domingo “assumed responsibility” in February 2020 was “the cancellation of performances scheduled for the Teatro Nacional de la Zarzuela. Luisa Fernanda” by the Institute of Performing Arts of the Ministry INAEM. “And since then he has not been in INAEM programming,” they added.

However, as detailed by, Plácido Domingo operated under contract with the foundation in the national audience, a space dependent on INAEM. or by the company in Theater Real, where the Ministry of Culture participates with 18% of its funding. Or at the Roman Theater of Mérida at a festival run by a consortium in which the Ministry of Culture participates. In this case, these spaces were rented to these companies and foundations to host Placido Domingo’s performance. According to information collected by the Salvados program, INAEM received 1,934 euros in running costs for Sunday’s concert.

In addition, he hired the accompaniment of a public orchestra, such as the Malaga Symphony Orchestra (supported by a deputation) to perform at the Starlite or Tío Pepe festivals. Instead, the Junta de Extremadura prevented his orchestra from accompanying him, which the Spanish Philharmonic eventually did.

Source: El Diario





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