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The Church supports Vox’s “Ghost Protocol” and denies that abortion is a right

The bishops of Castile and León, led by the archbishops of Valladolid (Luis Arguello, former EEC speaker) and Burgos (Mario Iseta, doctor by profession), supported the phantom VOX abortion protocol, forcing doctors to offer it to women who decide. to terminate the pregnancy “with a period of reflection and to provide information about alternatives to abortion”, while bearing in mind that “abortion cannot be considered a right”.

The Diocese of Castile and León dives deep into a controversy that has rocked politics for a week, doing so alongside the far-right theses and making it clear from the outset that “every human being, regardless of circumstances, from conception to natural death, is always a good to humanity and a gift of God, created in his image.” And like that, to be welcomed, protected and loved.”

“We want to be close to pregnant women who are going through an undesirable or difficult situation, whether personal, family, work, economic or of any kind, and give ourselves to their service,” added the bishops, who state that “it is essential that society, its institutions and public administrations and Various economic, labor and social spheres adequately respond to all their needs.”

However, they make it clear that for the Church “human-caused death, even through the practice of abortion in the womb, cannot be considered a right” because “it denies life at its root, the human basis. A dignity that protects all other rights.” For this reason, “offering a period of reflection and providing information about alternatives to abortion allows pregnant women to have the necessary elements to weigh the decision,” they argue.

Likewise, the note states that health professionals “can exercise their fundamental right to conscientious objection without the stigma of being forced to register on an objector’s list.” In turn, they call for the parents of a pregnant minor to be able to exercise “their parental authority” so that their daughter “is not left alone to face such a difficult situation.”

“It is necessary to always provide all the necessary assistance and support to people who are going through difficult or vulnerable situations, as in the case of pregnant women in unwanted or difficult situations, along with their reception and protection. nasciturus, It is usually ignored as a stakeholder in this matter, and it should be seen as a fundamental good that the legal system is called upon to recognize, protect and promote,” assert the bishops, who end the letter with a “broad, peace and tranquility.” rational, based on reality, with the participation of various spheres of society, beyond ideological or party positions and with the help of knowledge provided by science and anthropology”.

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