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The State Council supports the government’s plans for the Tajo-Segura transfer

The Council of State approved the government’s plans for the Tajo-Segura transfer: the progressive implementation of ecological flows in the Tagus River and the replacement of water collected for irrigation from the Levante with other resources. such as salt water.

The council, chaired by former labor minister Magdalena Valerio (PSOE), was supposed to report on all updates to the hydrological plan that manages water in Spain until 2027. Tagus while passing through Aranjuez (Madrid), which affects the transfer.

Ecological flows are a legal obligation. The government should identify them under the Water Act. However, the Tagus hydrological plans do not yet comply with this provision, as the Supreme Court ruled in 2019.

The plan, which, like all others, is now going to be approved by the Council of Ministers, envisages a flow to maintain ecosystems of 7 cubic meters per second when the document enters into force and progress to 8 meters in 2026 and 8.6. in 2027. This means that the volume of water collected in the headwaters of the Tagus must be reduced to be pumped to the southeast, mainly to feed the irrigation industry.

Thus, the Council’s opinion confirms the plan developed by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which has declared against it the governments of the Community of Valencia, the Region of Murcia and, to a lesser extent, Andalusia, because the reduction of transfers has angered the irrigation sector.

Valencian President Simo Puig (PSOE) criticized what he believed to be the elimination of an agreement to review the biological status of the Tagus in 2026 and, if positive, not to progress the ecological flow. it’s over

For his part, the Murcian Fernando López Miras (PP) corresponds to the irrigation sector and opposes any reduction in volume that reflects the transfer with reference to the demarcation of Segura.

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