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Podemos is committed to promoting the processing of the Stolen Babies Law in this legislature

Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Lilith Verstring, vowed this Wednesday to lead the parliamentary process of the so-called Stolen Babies Act so that it can be quickly approved in the legislature. This regulatory proposal, which was considered in Congress in June 2020, has been extended 146 times, which “impedes its final approval and compensation for those affected as a result.”

According to sources in the Ministry of Social Rights, Verstring held a meeting with representatives of organizations that support and promote this bill, such as “All the stolen children are also my children”, CeAqua (State coordinator of support for complaints against the crimes of Francoism in Argentina) or Amnesty International, among others . All of them expressed their will to activate the parliamentary process of the draft law.

“Our country has no right not to settle pending debts with relatives and victims of babies stolen during Franco’s regime. This is a matter of reparation and memory, which was demanded not only by the victims and international human rights associations, but also by the European Parliament and the United Nations, which demanded that our country recognize all the people affected by this crime as victims,” ​​Verstring explained. Statements sent to the media.

He also said that the pending regulation, which already had “overwhelming” congressional approval in the previous legislature, “must continue its process to get it done as soon as possible.”

Among other aspects, the law envisages the recognition and provision of the right to truth, justice, compensation and reproduction through various measures, among which are: guaranteeing the right of access to all types of archives, both public and private (especially archives). clinics and hospitals and clinics of the Catholic Church); Implementation of exhumations paid for by the Ministry of Justice; Free medical, legal and psychological assistance and public authorities are carrying out information and dissemination campaigns so that “this crime against humanity never happens again”.

Also, a special prosecutor’s office, a special investigation department of the judicial police and a state commission for the right to identity will be created, as well as a national DNA database (the analyzes of which will be free) and the participation of victims will be created. through their representatives in some organizations and instruments created.

Source: El Diario





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