Home Office agrees monthly assessment table with all police forces to analyze sexist killings

After two consecutive days of meetings with all police forces, the Ministry of Interior agreed to create an “assessment and follow-up” table for gender-based violence killings with the national police, civil guard and regional police. Mossos d’Esquadra, Ertzaintza and Navarre Provincial Police. The group will meet monthly and exceptionally when it is assessed, according to sources in the department led by Fernando Grande-Marlasca, who called this meeting in December and the first days of January due to the increase in cases.

The police force and the responsible persons of the Ministry have received several conclusions that need to be implemented in terms of police protection of victims, which is done through the VioGén system. It aims to focus more on aggressors and make police monitoring of them “very strict”, in addition to introducing a tool to allow women to report repeat aggressors, although not automatically. which are already appearing in the system for condemnation by other couples. According to the data of the Ministry, two out of every ten men meet this profile.

In addition, the Home Office will “reassess” the factors that lead to “an increase in the danger of aggressors”, especially in relation to men who have already been convicted or arrested, the same sources said. to explain.

Other measures taken by the ministry after meeting with the police force will follow a “revision” of the criteria by which a case becomes inactive in the VioGén system, a circumstance that occurs in some fatal cases. The intention is to “be tougher” to keep things “longer” active, the same sources confirmed, without specifying a timeframe.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will also instruct state security forces and authorities that in cases where there is a medium, high or extreme risk assessment with “particularly urgent” or “potentially lethal” aggressors, judges will be asked to issue a telematic control measure. , the so-called control bracelets Something that the prosecutor of the Violence Against Women Room, Teresa Perramato, also insisted on Wednesday, who called on prosecutors to request it as well.

VioGén’s “Place of Improvement”

The same sources claim that none of the police officers present at the meetings these days have asked the Ministry to increase their personal resources, despite the fact that various trade unions have claimed this and the Ministry has drawn attention to it. of equality. According to data provided by the ministry, agents specializing in gender-based violence have increased by 48% since 2018, although they have not yet managed to reverse the reductions made by the People’s Party government.

The ministry also does not admit that there are failures in the victim protection system or in police assessments, which sometimes assess low or medium risk levels for cases ending in homicide. Sources in the Grande-Marlasca department declined to comment on the matter, insisting that the review of the 49 murders in 2021 with all state security forces and corps was aimed at “achieving actions of greater excellence than the police”. .

What the ministry admits is that the system has “room for improvement”. “We have a defense architecture that can be significantly improved, which is at the forefront,” add the same sources, who note that VioGén is “under constant evaluation.”

Source: El Diario





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