Steven Spielberg and Martin McDonagh Win Several Golden Globes That Clear Their Consciences

The Golden Globes spent a year in the thinking corner. Hollywood chastised them for lack of diversity, bribery and even harassment. The network that aired them, NBC, canceled the broadcast, and actors like Tom Cruise returned the awards. There was no ceremony in 2022. “Oscar Prelude” has not been a thousand times. The awards were handed out from an official Twitter account, but none of the actors who won last year tweeted their thanks. Winning at the Golden Globes a year ago was a cause for embarrassment, but Hollywood has shown that what it does best is hypocrisy.

A year later everything was back to normal. Never mind that there were only six black members inducted into the Foreign Press Association, or that their nominations left out two films that deal directly with Me or Rape Culture (on Discover i Women are talking). It didn’t matter that they forgot about women again (no sign of Sarah Paul). Hollywood received an apology from the Golden Globes and things went back to normal. Of course, they did not dare to award Brendan Fraser, the actor who accused the former president of harassing the association and refused to go to the gala. His amazing performance Ვshap was one of the favourites, but to avoid ridicule they preferred to give it to Austin Butler, the star. Elvis.

This edition’s Golden Globes showed that they cannot continue as before and among its winners, a diversity that had not been seen before appeared for the first time. This was soon noticed when the first two prizes to be awarded went to actor and supporting actor Ke Hui Kuan. Everything everywhere at the same time and Angela Bassett, for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Both are favorites for the Oscars, and the Foreign Press Association made it easy, following the trend of previous awards while showing the world that they are not the same people who reward white and American actors.

Of course, when choosing the best comedy, they preferred the award Banshees by Inisherin what Everything everywhere at the same time One of the phenomena of the year, who was satisfied with two acting awards. Meanwhile, Martin McDonagh’s film won Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Actor in a Comedy for Colin Farrell. Comedian Jerrod Carmichael was the one who had the difficult ballot to present this edition. He made some successful jokes, though his first monologue was off-the-cuff and based on justifying why he decided to host the ceremony, emphasizing that he is the first black host in the history of the Golden Globes, something he was accused of not doing. So far, almost nothing.

“I’m here for black people, this association didn’t have a single black member before the death of George Floyd. All of a sudden you’re being invited to be the black face of a white organization in the first 79 issues,” he began. “No matter what past Golden Globes are, we’re here to celebrate an industry that deserves afternoons like this,” he said, settling the controversy in one sentence. Remember the joke when he pulled out three Golden Globes and said they were the ones Tom Cruise had returned the year before and then attacked him for being a Scientology member.

Ke Hui Quan soon played in one of the most emotional moments of the night when he accepted the award Everything everywhere at the same time. A mythical traffic jam Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom He commented that he hadn’t done anything for 30 years until the Danes called him one of the phenomena of the year. “My parents taught me to be grateful, and they are the ones who gave me the first opportunity. Thank you, Steven Spielberg,” said the Asian actor, who was receiving his first Golden Globe for the film. Then her co-star Michelle Yeoh, who won Best Comedy Actress, would do the same and excuse the actors who have birthdays and mute the music telling her to pick up the pace with her performance.

Not only was Spielberg named after the Indiana Jones actor, but he was the second big winner of the night. his autobiographical film, Fabelmans, won Best Drama and Best Director. Spielberg was delighted and admitted that he had not had the courage to tell his story until now, although he had told it in all his films. It was Pandemonium, the fear of not being able to tell more stories, that made him decide to make this film, that put him back on the trail of the Oscars. The Globes turned out to be an oxymoron, with awards that varied in acting categories but ultimately honored films by two white, English-speaking directors.

The big favorite didn’t fail in the best drama actor category. The Cate Blanchett thing tar It’s so depressing that I can’t fail. Such a complex and nuanced performance cannot be ignored, and the Globe was for him. Blanchett did not attend the gala. The one who appeared, as in all US ceremonies last year, was Zelensky, this time presented by Sean Penn. The President of Ukraine made a speech in which he expressed optimism about the progress of the war and assured that Ukraine will prevent the Third World War.

One of the nicest surprises of the night was the win Argentina, 1985 Best foreign language film category. He was a favorite RRR, an Indian phenomenon with no Oscars and a huge legion of fans. Fortunately, the Golden Globes put some logic into it and awarded the prize to Santiago Miter’s excellent film about the trials of the Argentine dictatorship. A film that moves and is even envied in Spain, where Francoism has never been experienced. Santiago Miter recalled that we must continue to fight and defend democracies, while Ricardo Darin remembered the World Cup won by Argentina. RRR He didn’t leave empty-handed, his Naatu Naatu won the Globe for Best Original Song. Guillermo del Toro, on the other hand, won the award for the best stop-motion version of an animated film. Pinocchio.

Honorable Mention went to Eddie Murphy, who rallied Cecil B. DeMille to save the best joke of the night for almost the last climax when he recalled the advice he was given to succeed in Hollywood: “Pay your bills, keep a good head, and get Will Smith’s wife’s name out of your mouth.” ” he said, quoting the exact phrase Smith said a year ago when he hit Chris Rock.

The only prize is extravagant and fantastic Babylon There was a spectacular soundtrack composed by Justin Hurwitz, the same one who created the unforgettable composition La La Land who amazes again here and who already has four Golden Globes. Her speech was undoubtedly one of the best of the night, a vindication of public schools and the teaching of art and music in them. The Little Prize for one of Hollywood’s riskiest works this year, as the Little Prize went ART, Which should be confirmed by Blanchett’s speech, despite being the best of all the nominees. But so are the Golden Globes, the few awards this year that were supposed to show that they’ve changed and that they want to survive in an industry where awards are becoming less and less important, but when it came time to hand out the important awards, they left. They returned to their old ways.

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