The Vatican is reopening the case of Emanuela Orlandi, 40 years after her mysterious disappearance

Emmanuela Orland is still alive. Or at least to the memory of the Italian teenager, the daughter of an official of the Holy See, who disappeared without a trace on June 22, 1983, when she arrived in the center of Rome at the Basilica of San Apollinaris to deliver music. Classes forty years later and after a titanic struggle by his family (especially his brother Pietro), the Vatican has recently announced the reopening of the case.

In statements to Religión Digital, the spokesman of the Holy See, Mateo Bruni, confirms that the case was reopened after receiving requests from the family through various forums. The last and most popular was the documentary The girl from the VaticanIt airs on Netflix this fall. Now the Vatican’s promoter of justice, Alessandro the Great, together with the Gendarmerie, have decided to reopen the investigation against the teenager, whose scandal has spanned three pontificates.

The purpose of the reopening is to re-analyze all files, documents, reports and testimony to prove that there is no end to the investigation, which has been marked by allegations of silence, mafia and corruption in the Vatican.

The work of the Vatican’s justice will be based on the data accumulated so far and will consider new and old clues or clues that may have been overlooked at the time, following each trail since June 22, 1983. At which point Emmanuela Orland disappeared while going to class.

In the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare is buried one of the leaders of the Magliana Mafia, Enrico de Pedis, who, according to some testimonies collected by Emanuela’s brother, Pietro Orlandi, could have been the executioner of his sister’s disappearance, “in high request. Prelates”.

The case is reopened a documentary on netflix, The girl from the Vatican, Which brought into focus the disappearance of the 15-year-old, the last episode of which seems to have occurred several years ago, when Rome agreed to analyze the bones found in the Teutonic cemetery, which did not shed light on the process.

Among the various theories surrounding the case, the possibility that she was kidnapped by members of the Banda della Magliana, a criminal organization led by Enrico de Pedis, who died in 1990, ordered an attempted fix. Some mafia groups lost money when Banco Ambrosiano, which is linked to the Vatican bank, collapsed.

A clan boss buried in Sant’Apollinare could have carried out an autopsy on the death of a young woman after receiving instructions from ex-Vatican Bank president Paul Marcincus, the mobster’s widow has claimed. In 2012, unidentified skeletal remains were found next to de Pedis’ grave, although analysis of the remains showed no connection to Orlandi.

A few months ago, a testimony from 2008 became known, which may be the key. Former mobster Salvatore Sarnataro accused his own son, Marco, of kidnapping him on Orlandi de Pedis’ order to hand him over to another mob boss. Thus, as Emanuela Orlandi was leaving her weekly music lesson on June 22, 1983, walking to the Vatican walls, she was kidnapped by three people, including Sarnataro’s son.

According to the Italian publication La RepubblicaThe gang leader would compensate Marco with a Suzuki 1100 motorcycle. Although it is unclear why this testimony has come to light 14 years later, the young woman’s family has requested that the investigation be reopened based on this new statement.

A red herring of the Teutonic cemetery

The connection with the mafia has always been in the hypotheses, as well as the settlement between criminal groups and the Vatican itself. In this regard, in 2019, the family received an anonymous letter with a photo of the grave from the Teutonic Cemetery, in the central building of the church.

“See where the angel is pointing,” read the caption that accompanied the image, referring to a statue of the heavenly being guarding the tomb of Prince Gustaf von Hohenlohe, the former archbishop of Pope Pius IX.

However, according to information VaticanNewsThe bones found during the exhumations predated Emmanuela’s disappearance and the other graves were empty. In 2020, the Vatican ordered the case closed. Now, following the excitement of a Netflix documentary, Rome returns to give the mystery a new twist.

For her part, the lawyer of the Orlandi family, Laura Sgro, told Efe that her clients filed complaints in 2018 and 2019 and in various instances until last year, but she assured that she did not know the reason that led to the reopening of the investigation and that she hopes to meet soon with the Vatican To the promoter, Alessandro Didi. Sgro does not rule out that a new investigation will take place after the collection of new evidence in the case, which has recently been collected by the Netflix series and several books.

All information is included

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