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The CCOO is leading the prosecution to a selection process that forced the housewives to strip for signs of crime.

The CCOO has today submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office the selection process carried out by the company Meccti for Kuwait Airways, as announced on social media on November 5 in Madrid. In a letter signed by the General Secretary of the Union, Unai Sordo, the Ministry of Public Prosecutions is informed of the facts and requests to “continue all measures and all actions that it deems appropriate and necessary in order to clear the criminal liability.” by the fact that the authors of the same may suffer”.

Since last Monday, has exclusively revealed from various testimonies that during the recruitment process of Kuwait Airways on November 5, 2022, offensive comments were made about the physical condition of the participants and they were asked to put on their underwear to be checked by the employer. their bodies. Also, one of the women who went through the process was ultimately not hired for racist reasons. He was informed of this in a message accessed by “I regret to announce that Kuwait Airways does not intend to hire dark-skinned cabin crew.”

In the CCOO letter, the union relates everything from offensive comments, to the examination of some candidates’ faces, skin and teeth, to requests to remain in their underwear. Also the elimination of one of the women who was selected in the process, but who was ultimately not hired because she was “brunette” as they told her in a WhatsApp message.

“We believe that there can be a crime of harassment, a crime against the dignity of workers or, in any case, against the dignity of people who are available for employment. We think that there is violence with a gender connotation”, explains CCOO Federal Secretary for Equality, Carolina Vidal, who mentions, for example, article 314 of the Criminal Code, which speaks of “those who cause serious discrimination at work, public or private, of any person against them because of their ideology, religion or belief, marital status, ethnic group, race or nation, national origin, sex, age, orientation or sexual or gender identity, gender. […] and does not restore the status of equality before the law after a request or an administrative fine, the correction of the economic damage caused shall be punished by imprisonment from six months to two years or a fine from twelve to twenty-four months.

The trade union assesses that there may be crimes of harassment under Articles 191 and 184 of the Criminal Code. “You have to distinguish criminal offenses from other crimes of social and labor order. We are going to proceed with all the orders and if the commissions have to appear as helpers to protect the rights of these women, we are going to do it, this is a very serious crime,” says Vidal. The union has already contacted the affected women and is offering it free of charge. The Labor Inspectorate is officially investigating the facts.

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