Focus on rise in sexist murders: ‘situation is unsustainable’

“killed”. It was a chorus of shouts from everyone present, accompanying the reading aloud of the names of each woman killed for gender-based violence in December. After each name, the rally participants repeated in unison the cause of their death.

This Thursday’s rally, called urgently before the rise in sexist murders, mobilized a few dozen attendees. The protest started at the Ministry of Justice at eight o’clock in the day, which the authorities confirmed that December became the month with the highest number of femicides this year. The latest cases confirmed as sexist violence were murders that occurred in the past 24 hours in Bilbao and Toledo, while two more are still under investigation. According to the latest data of the government delegation against gender violence, the number of women victims of this calamity has increased to 48.

“The shift to this concentration is already ‘enough,'” argued one attendee. Lola attended with feminist groups from the Latino area of ​​Madrid. Speaking to this newsroom, she assured that it was “necessary” to hold this rally because “they are being killed.” For this woman, machismo ends ” with education and feminist culture in schools”.

Patri, another attendee of the rally called by the 8M commission of the feminist movement in Madrid, went to the central street of San Bernardo, where the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice is located, to pay tribute to one of her friends. “He was killed in 1989. We have to protect ourselves and be united, not to mention death. I am coming in memory of my friend,” he explained to this newsroom.

The rally began with chants of “Long live we love each other” or “Enough patriarchal justice.” Collectives from different districts of Madrid came out with banners demanding an end to sexist murders. “None less,” read what was brought from Moratalaz.

A few minutes after the start of the concentration, one of the representatives of the organizing organization gave a speech and confirmed that the “indignation” of the feminist movement “is growing every day”. “We are here to demand and fight against sexist violence,” she added.

From the 8M Commission, they stress “the importance of ending the burden on women” and regret the words of the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, who called Women were condemned Stop this trouble once and for all. The movement demands responsibility from the institutions that should be the guarantors of the necessary protection to stop sexist violence,” reads the statement prepared by the feminist collective.

Arantxa also asserts the responsibility of the public administration in light of the increase in sexist murders. “Measures need to be taken,” he said. Among the suggestions she makes to condemn the attitudes of some authorities, she advocates a “reductionist vision” in feminist politics. As for the spontaneous call for concentration this Thursday, this protester claims his presence is “a display of anger.”

Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlasca ruled out this Thursday that the spike in murders registered this month is a “temporary pattern or something else.” “The enormity of these tragedies should mobilize us as a society,” he said at a news conference urgently called to analyze the rise in sexist violence. In addition, it said five of the eight women killed in December were registered in VioGén’s case tracking system.

The day before, this Wednesday, the Secretary of State for Equality, Angela Rodríguez, asked the institutions and the public to take extreme caution these days, considering that 75% of cases were recorded on holidays. “We have to be extremely careful, there is a big risk during the holidays,” he said after a crisis committee convened by Equality to deal with the issue.

2022 was the year with the fewest sexist murders on record, which began in 2003. A spike in femicides in December brought the number of women killed to 48 so far. “We have sent a warning to institutions and citizenship. If you have any questions, it’s better to call,” said Rodríguez, who recalls that 016 is available 24 hours a day, as well as the Alercoops app, which allows you to immediately contact state security forces and authorities.

Source: El Diario





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