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Victor Manuel, Cara Elejalde and Rosa Montero among the 33 Fine Arts Gold Medalists of 2022

Veteran Victor Manuel, who recently released an album of almost 60 songs and toured in Spain, also received the 2022 Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts, along with thirty other people and entities recognized by the Ministry of Culture. this tuesday. The list of winners also includes actors Cara Elejalde, Carmen Elias and Javier Camara, writers Rosa Montero and Manuel Rivas, singer Maria Jimenez and singer-songwriter Luis Pastor and architect Patxi Mangado.

The purpose of the award is to recognize those figures and subjects who have distinguished themselves in the field of artistic and cultural creativity or have provided outstanding services in the promotion, development or dissemination of art and culture or the conservation of artistic heritage. The government awarded medals to twenty-eight professionals and five entities from the world of culture.

At the suggestion of the Minister of Culture and Sports, Mikel Isetta, the government approved the recognition of theater director Mario Gassi, artist Mirazo, craft designer Tomás García Alia, choreographer Rocio Molina, artist Pedro Cano. Singer Lole, Curator Carmen Muro, Musician Santiago Auseron, Art Curator Carmen Gimenez and Music Producer Gay Mercader. After his death, cultural manager and former minister Jose Girao was admitted to bail.

Also among the winners are artist Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau, singer Concha Buica, music producer Jesus Lopez, cook María José San Román, circus artist Miss Kay, journalist Rosanna Torres, editor. Theresa Font and artist Carlos Leon.

The five institutions recognized by the Council of Ministers were the Spanish Academy in Rome, the Accordion Symphony Orchestra of Bilbao, the Miura Livestock, the Taller de Música School, and the Special Group for Underwater Activities of the Civil Guard (GEAS).

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