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The word “micromachismo” is included in the RAE dictionary

What is not named does not exist, says a quote attributed to George Steiner. Today, everyday sexist behaviours, normalized – and justified, by their perpetrators – are included in the Dictionary of the Royal Academy (RAE). The term “micromacism” is included in the 23.6 update of the Dictionary of the Spanish Language (DLE), along with other common terms such as age, conspiracy, urbanization or panettone.

Coined by psychiatrist Luis Bonino, the word micromachismo refers to “low-intensity” behaviors of control and dominance “naturalized, legitimized, and invisible, carried out with impunity, with or without awareness.” Since 2014, this term has taken its name from the blog, in which these macho attacks, which have always (or almost never) been ignored, become visible.

“Micromachinism is not micro because they are small or insignificant, but because they are everyday, because they are normalized and naturalized, because they are often justified and legitimized. The sexual violence that women suffer is of many kinds, and I would say that many of them are micro-machismo,” wrote Ana Requena, editor-in-chief of gender at in a blog post.

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Unlike other language academies, Spanish does not determine which words are included in the dictionary, but instead describes the words used by speakers of the language. They are included in the DLE when their use becomes common. In this case, the paper is updated with 3152 new items, including not only new additions of terms, but also changes and deletions in existing articles,” RAE said in a press release.

We meet new words ageDefined as “age discrimination, especially against the elderly or elderly” and also the term gap As “difference or distance between situations, things, or groups of people, especially due to a lack of union or unity.” Also, they remember that since the RAE, the definitions of disability and racism have been reviewed and changed.

The RAE also recalls that this update includes suggestions made by the writer and academic Javier Marías, who died this year: “Adding the term translational Meaning “belonging to or relating to translation”, a job which the Madrid academician was professionally engaged in and which was one of his passions, which he carried out with skill. of the author The heart is so white He also suggested the inclusion of voices Hagioscope i followedwhich were also added to the dictionary in its 23.6 update”

Dictionary with additions:

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