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“Banshee of Inishrein” leads the 2023 Golden Globe nominations, beating out “Alkara” and Women.

The nominations for the 2023 Golden Globes, which the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) hopes to restore, were announced on Monday. Banshees of InisherinDirected by Martin McDonagh (Three ads in the suburbs), part as the favorite in the selection of eight awards. They follow him Everything, everywhere at once with six and Babylonwith five.

However, one of the most striking data on the list is the absence of bleeding in women. Six people are nominated for Best Director (James Cameron, Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert, Baz Luhrmann, Steven Spielberg and McDonagh himself); And in the script department, there is only one screenwriter, Sarah Paul, for the screenplay Women are talking. Ana de Armas, on the other hand, achieved a second nomination for the role of Marilyn Monroe. Blondewhich she could have won as Best Actress in a Drama.

Neither Spaniard will be at the January 10 gala, which will be hosted by comedian Jerrod Carmichael. Alcaraz It remained in the competition for the best foreign language film, in which they will compete Fairly new to the front, Argentina, 1985, closure, decision to leave and RRR.

The ceremony will be televised by NBC. In it, the heirs west side story i the power of the dog, Triumphant films of recent release. in the television department is a favorite Abbott Elementary; However, the category that is garnering the most attention at the moment is Best Miniseries, in which they are competing Pam and Tom, White Lotus i Dahmer.

The awards tarnished their image a year and a half ago, after a Los Angeles Times investigation revealed various corruption scandals at the institution. Research showed that many of its members did not even work in the media, questioning the legality of their votes on gifts from the studios. The industry responded with a refusal, leaving the 2021 ceremony virtually unnoticed in the media.

Full list of nominees

Best foreign language film

  • There is no news on the front (Edward Berger)
  • Argentina, 1985 (Santiago Miter)
  • closing (Lucas Dont)
  • decision to leave (Park Chan Wook)
  • RRR (SS Rajamouli)

Best Drama Film

  • Avatar Waterway (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
  • Elvis (Warner Bros)
  • Fabelmans (Universal Pictures)
  • tar (focus functions)
  • Top Gun: Maverick (Paramount Pictures)

Best Musical or Comedy

  • Babylon (Paramount Pictures)
  • Bansheers of Inisherin (Searchlight images)
  • Everything everywhere at once (A24)
  • Daggers in the Back: The Secret of the Glass Onion (Netflix)
  • The triangle of sadness (neon)

best direction

  • James Cameron
  • Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
  • Baz Luhrmann
  • Martin McDonald (Banshears of Inisherin)
  • Steven Spielberg

The best animated film

  • inu-o
  • Marseille with shell shoes
  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
  • turns red

Best case scenario

  • Todd Field
  • Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
  • Martin McDonald (Banshears of Inisherin)
  • Sarah Paul
  • Steven Spielberg Tony Kushner

Best Drama Actor

  • Austin Butler (elvis)
  • Fraser inside (heap)
  • Hugh Jackman (voice)
  • Bill Nye (living room)
  • Jeremy Pope (check)

Best Actress in a Drama

  • Cate Blanchett (tar)
  • Olivia Colman (Empire of Light)
  • Viola Davis (king woman)
  • Anna de Armas (blonde)
  • Michelle Williams (fabelmans)

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical

  • Diego Calva (Babylon)
  • Daniel Craig ((Daggers in the Back: The Secret of the Glass Onion)
  • Adam Driver (white noise)
  • Colin Farrell (Banshears of Inisherin)
  • Ralph Fiennes (menu)

Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy

  • Leslie Manville (Mrs. Harris goes to Paris)
  • Margot Robbie (Babylon)
  • Anya Taylor-Joy (menu)
  • Emma Thompson (Good luck, Big Leo)
  • Michelle Yoo (everything everywhere at once)

Best Supporting Actor

  • Brendan Gleeson (Banshears of Inisherin)
  • Barry Keoghan
  • Brad Pitt
  • Ke Yui Wan
  • Eddie Redmayne

Best Supporting Actress

  • Angela Bassett
  • Kerry’s condom
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Dolly de Leon
  • Carey Mulligan

The best original music

  • Banshees of Inisherin
  • Pinocchio
  • Babylon
  • Women are talking
  • Fabelmans

The best song

  • Carolina, by Taylor Swift (where the krazans sing)
  • bye fatherBy Alexandre Desplat, Robben Katz and Guillermo del Toro (pinocchio)
  • hold my hand by Lady Gaga, BloodPop and Benjamin Rice (Top Gun: Maverick)
  • lift it up By Rihanna, Ryan Coogler and Ludwig Goransson (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
  • Naati NaatuBy MM Keeravani, Kala Bhairava, Rahul Sipligunj (RRR)

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