Dozens of groups take to streets for trans law: ‘If PSOE doesn’t respect dignity, get out of Pride’

Called by more than 60 LGTBI groups, thousands of people took to the streets this Saturday in Madrid and 16 other Spanish cities against the blockade of the trans law, asking the PSOE not to water down the norm, after the group decided to keep an amendment that said judges should allow 16 Changing the registered gender of minors up to the age of

In Madrid, the demonstration took place at 17:00 at the Plaza de Español Carlos V, the Atocha roundabout and ended at the Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, where the manifesto will be read. Under the slogan “Trans law: human rights, without reduction, for everyone”, thousands of participants of all ages and from different parts of Spain took to the streets of Atocha chanting “Human rights for all” and “Here is the trans resistance”. .

Invitees include the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans, Bisexuals, Intersex and Others (FELGTBI+), Trans Platform Federation, Chrysallis, Fundación Triángulo and KifKif LGTBI Migrants and Refugees. However, the organizations invite any association to join the march.

Luis Moreno arrived from Toledo with his 11-year-old daughter Iris, who wears a banner with the colors of the trans flag around her neck and claims: “If you don’t want support, don’t limit our age. .” They are at the head of the rally, behind the main banner demanding recognition of the rights of trans minors. “Ideologies and political parties aside, we all have the right to be happy,” Moreno explains. “Our children don’t need a piece of paper telling them how they feel. We We only ask that it be easier for them.”

Behind them, transgender boys and girls are marching with a giant flag that traveled across Spain last year bearing the signatures of politicians and celebrities who supported the law. Carolina Marza holds the flag with her 11-year-old daughter Chloe. “Children are the big forgotten part of this law. We can’t stand it even for a minute,” asserts this mother from Castellion.

The rights of minors and gender self-determination once again became the protagonist of the call. In addition to the presence of many families, songs and banners spoke about the importance of giving children free choice: “I know who I am,” “My identity is not whims and fads,” and “Judges are not. You know, my family is like that” were some of the complaints that could be read this Saturday.

Uge Sangil, president of FELGTBI+, recalled that the law published by Irene Montero and her ministry has already received the approval of the Council of Ministers and calls on the PSOE to stop using the childhood and life of trans people as a “weapon” in their political struggles. “This law is an administrative law, just like the marriage equality law, so that our children can see their gender on their ID cards. Vulnerability is what they are currently living under the influence of violence sustained by a state that rejects them and violates them,” Sangil defends in the call manifesto.

Antonelli: “We will scream until our voices are gone”

Former Socialist deputy of the Madrid Assembly and trans rights activist Carla Antonelli has been preparing for the march since Saturday morning, after which she will read part of the manifesto. “If you don’t get sick with a fever of 40, I will be there because you have to be there,” he explained to in the afternoon. Antonelli believes that this appointment is necessary, among other things, because this Saturday is the International Human Rights Day: “And what better way to say loud and clear that we are going back to the street from where we came. Let’s shout at the government and the PSOE to cancel those embarrassing changes where our rights are further reduced.”

Antonelli, who last October asked to leave the party after 45 years of fighting because of the obstacles the PSOE put up in the law, claims that the changes presented by the socialist group “leave the minors, even though in 2019 the Constitutional Court already indicated that they have rights”. “Something that has already left the Council of Ministers and entered the government has corrected itself,” he laments.

For this reason, he claims, they “will not leave behind any acronym”. “We’re going to keep screaming until we have a voice that all trans people have the right to be recognized.” as well as minors, non-binary people and migrant trans people,” he notes. “And they need to listen to us because we’re a 70-plus organization and we’re the noise and the social reality.”

Antonelli laments the PSOE’s position in this regard, claiming that “60 ladies from another era” are trying to “corrupt the popular will of millions of people who, in every poll you look at, are in favor of these rights”. “For those of us who have nothing to lose because we have already given everything, come out again to shout ‘freedom, respect and dignity’,” he concludes.

Another celebrity leading the march in Madrid is activist Mar Cambrole, president of the Federación Plataforma Trans, a group that has organized two other demonstrations and rallies in the past month in front of the PSOE headquarters on Ferraz Street. For Cambrole, who traveled to Madrid this Saturday just to support the march, today’s demonstration is “historic” because of the “unity” of so many organizations, “some of them revolving around the PSOE”.

The activist explains in a conversation with this newspaper that the obstacles of the Socialist Party are “more painful and dangerous” than those of the right and extreme right. “It is unfortunate that the PSOE is allied with the far-right or that it is holding itself back in favor of advancing the ‘No’ right.” This is not only painful, but dangerous because it legitimizes the impunity of violence against trans people who have weathered the storm of violence. But as I always say, after the storm comes the rainbow,” he notes. And he concludes: “If the PSOE does not respect the dignity, justice and freedom of minors, non-binary people and migrant trans people, get out of Pride.”

Pulse in government

The PSOE and Unidas Podemos had promised to approve the transcanon by the end of the year, but the PSOE registered a number of changes to the equality text, delaying the deadline.

At the end of November, the Socialists registered 37 amendments to the Irene Montero Law. The most controversial point is related to gender self-determination: the PSOE wants to limit changes to the registration of minors under the age of 16 and proposes that they require judicial permission if they are between 12 and 16 years old. In other words, two years more than the 14 years stipulated in the current text of the law.

A meeting was convened in which some progress was made, as recognized by all parliamentary groups, as the main text of the norm was closed, which must now be considered by the Equality Commission. Here, the pulse continues, as the Socialists maintain changes to self-determination of the sex of minors, the reversibility of gender reassignment before registration and the elimination of the concept of “intragender violence”, two of which he supported. popular party. Some of the changes that United We Can reject Irene Castro reports about this.

At the end of the demonstration, the organizers once again warned the PSOE that they are not going to let this year end without the approval of the law, which inextricably includes “the right to our childhood, non-binary people and our identity. Trans Migrants”. “Well, if there are no rights, the LGTBI+ collective and trans people will never forget the suffering caused, the obstacles and insults, the rise of hatred that arises from the senseless partisan struggle for our lives,” Sangil concluded amid applause. all present.

Source: El Diario





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