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Man arrested after wife with multiple sclerosis died five days after falling to floor

National police have arrested a 68-year-old man for allowing his wife, who had multiple sclerosis, to die for five days and whom he allegedly did not attend after she collapsed on the floor, both of which meet in the Puente de Vallecas district of Madrid. They told Europa Press police sources.

The investigation established that a 67-year-old woman fell in her family on November 29. Instead of calling for help and an ambulance, her husband left her lying without the slightest attention. Five days later, on December 4, he called 091 and told agents that he had tripped earlier that day and that they had not helped him before “because he asked for it.”

The health service and the agents of the national police arrived on the spot and found the woman on the spot with a very low temperature, in very severe and deplorable hygienic-sanitary conditions, for which she died.

First, the man was arrested for failure to render assistance, but a day later the court remanded him in custody, saying he was a consummate murderer and obstructing the case in the Violence Against Women Court.

The arrested man had two previous complaints of abuse and threats, one by one of his two adult daughters and the other by the victim herself, who denounced the threats.

The government delegation against gender-based violence confirmed the case as a crime of alleged sexist violence. The number of women killed by gender-based violence in Spain will increase to 40 in 2022, 6 of them in the community of Madrid.

Source: El Diario





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