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Almodovar will premiere his western in Cannes with an international cast

Film director Pedro Almodovar said about it on Dua Lipa’s podcast than its average length A strange way of life (strange way of life) The Western, shot in Almería and starring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke, will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. As Variety notes.

The director called the half-hour film “Western”. strangeBecause it is about “two men who love each other”. He also revealed that Pascal and Hawke’s characters see the situation “oppositely”. Almodovar added that the film deals with “masculinity in a very deep sense” because the Western is a masculine genre.

He also said that while it has traditional elements of Western movies, such as guns, a ranch or a sheriff, his film has dialogue between two men that Westerns don’t usually show. “And I think I’ve already told you too much,” the singing Man from La Mancha finished.

The medium-length film is shot in English and, as previously announced, stars Jason Fernandez, Manu Rios, Pedro Casablanca and Sara Salamo.

“A man walks into the wilderness that separates him from Bitter Creek. He comes to Sheriff Jake. Twenty-five years earlier, both the sheriff and Silva, the rancher who goes to meet him, worked together as hired guns. Silva comes under the pretext of joining his childhood friend and they do celebrate the meeting, but the next morning Sheriff Jake tells him that the reason for his trip is not to remember their old friendship,” reads the first synopsis. Short film offered by his production company El Deseo.

Poetic title A strange way of life Alludes to the famous fado of Amalia Rodríguez, “whose lyrics suggest that there is no existence more strange than that of the one who lives with his back to his own desires.”

Costume design for Saint Laurent will be handled by Anthony Vaccarello, who will not only be responsible for this aspect, but will also be an associate producer on the project.

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