Southampton City Council introduces tariffs for charging electric vehicles

Southampton City Council will introduce charging charges for electric vehicles next month.

This is because the public is facing rising electricity prices and retailers are taking advantage of free charging points.

Motorists can currently use any of the city’s 47 charging stations, with the exception of the normal parking fee.

Last year, registrations of new electric vehicles in the city increased by almost 80 percent, and this trend is expected to continue.

As reported, the council’s report said that supplying electricity to the charging points currently costs £7,500 a month.

Tariffs come into force on December 12. There is no connection or subscription fee.

Daily Echo: A map of some of Southampton's electric vehicle charging stations.

By 2023/24, costs will rise to £22,500 per month.

Adviser Emmon Keogh, cabinet minister for transport and neighborhood redevelopment, hopes to “keep up with demand.”

He said: “The number of electric vehicle users in our city has grown significantly since we first introduced the free charging test, demonstrating their support for our green city plan.

“It’s time to step up and keep up with demand by introducing competitive prices for our chargers.

“The tariffs introduced will be competitive and will support our plans to expand charging capabilities in the future.”

The program was originally launched in 2018. It was intended to encourage the early introduction of electric vehicles in the city, when this type of vehicle was new.

The report said the new tariffs would save the council £9,600 a year after covering electricity costs. The fee has not yet been determined.

The future compensation and pricing policy is regularly reviewed by the Board of Directors.

Author: Hanna de Bolz.

Source: Dailyecho





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