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The family law provides for five days of paid leave for cohabitant care

The project, which the Ministry of Social Rights is working on, includes eight weeks of parental leave, which can be taken continuously or uninterruptedly, and a monthly parental income of 100 euros for each child under the age of three, ministry sources said.

The draft family law provides for the inclusion of paid leave to care for a relative – up to the second degree or cohabiting – for all workers. This norm, the Ministry of Social Rights notes, “extends care and benefit permits to families and extends to single-parent families with two children the protection that previously belonged to multiple families.”

Headed by Ione Bellara, the department is working on the text, which also provides for “an increase of 100 euros of parental income per month for each dependent child under the age of three”. Finance Minister María Jesús Montero has already explained that this measure will probably come into effect from January 2023.

In addition, the norm, which Bellara hopes to present to the Council of Ministers this Tuesday, also includes “eight weeks of parental leave, which can be taken continuously or intermittently until the minor reaches the age of eight,” according to his source. The Ministry notes..

“Covid has taught us the importance of taking care of ourselves and having time to care for others, and those are lessons that are here to stay. For this reason, we think that Spain should be approved with other EU countries and establish a maintenance permit. A permit that allows you to stay home and take care of your children when they’ve had a bad night’s vomiting, that you can request a day off to take your parents to the doctor or to be with your partner when they’re sick. “- Bellara noted in the same act of law in February.

Another measure that this ministry has been working on includes the concept of large families: “single-parent families with two children”, nuclear families “with two children where an ascendant or descendant is disabled” and “families with two children”. headed by a victim of gender-based violence or a spouse who has received exclusive custody and care without the right to alimony,” sources from Social Rights added.

Source: El Diario


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