New Michelin stars once again ‘exceed’ women: there is no chef at the head of the award-winning restaurants

The new Michelin stars once again forgot about women. The prestigious haute cuisine award organized by the Michelin guide awarded the star to 29 restaurants for the first time this year; second star to three; and the third to two others. None of these awards went to an all-female restaurant. in spain Only 24 restaurants with more than 200 stars They are led by a woman.

This Monday was the third presentation of the Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2023 in Toledo and with the performance of Rosalene. brightness Restaurant Atrio, in Cáceres, by Chef Tono Pérez, and Cocina Hermanos Torres, by Sergio and Javier Torres. With these differences, Spain already has 13 restaurants with three Michelin stars, only one of which has a woman in charge of the kitchen (Elena Arzak, who shares the kitchen with her father, Juan Mari).

The second star this year was awarded by the guide to three other restaurants, where there are also no women in charge. They are Deessa, in Madrid, by chef Quique Dacosta; Pepe Vieira and his homonymous restaurant in Serpe (Pontevedra); and El Rincón de Juan Carlos, by Chef Juan Carlos Padrón, located in Adeje, Tenerife. A single woman runs a restaurant with two stars in the country: Fina Puigdevall, chef at Les Cols in Olot.

In yesterday’s gala photo, the faces of two women were hard to guess among all the winners. They are Mariana Sánchez, who runs the restaurant Ajo Negro in Logrono with her partner Gonzalo Baquedano, who received her first badge this year; And Lydia del Olmo, who accompanies Chef Xoe Magalhães in the kitchen at Restaurant Seibe ​​in Ourense, who also received his first recognition yesterday.

The new guide features three more award-winning restaurants where women play a prominent role, albeit not in front of the kitchen. At Gente Rara, from Zaragoza, Sofia Sanz is the head of the restaurant and partner of chef Cristian Palacio; In Código de Barra, Cádiz, Paqui Martínez is the manager of the venue run by her husband, Dutchman Leon Griffioen; And at COME by Paco Mendez, Erina Marciano is also a partner and pastry chef.

This is the extent to which the presence of women is included in the long list of winners of the haute cuisine award, which every year put a striking feminine presence on the table with the distinction of gastronomy. The first chefs in the world to receive three stars, the Guide’s highest award, were Marie Bourgeois and Eugène Brazier in 1932, and until 1985 only one woman, Marguerite Bisse, won it again. The first Spaniard to be recognized with the three-star award was Chef Elena Arzac, daughter of Juan Marie Arzac, in 1989. It took 30 years for another woman in Spain to achieve these three distinctions. Carme Ruscaleda achieved it in 2019 with Sant Pau restaurant, after winning the first in 1988 and the second in 2006.

Source: El Diario





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