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Complutense University investigates some macho chants on campus after a rugby match

“Rape, rape, bribery… who dominates?” Law! The medicine has very well; Apothecaries have it very right; Those in architecture have no trouble… and that’s why it reaches our chests in law. And that’s why they prefer info girls… True!

The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) has announced that it is investigating the chant, which was apparently made during a rugby match played on one of the fields the university has on its Moncloa campus, as seen in a video uploaded by the association. Progressive students of the UCM School of Law on his Twitter account.

“Given the facts spread in a video circulating on social networks, where players can be seen singing macho chants after the end of a men’s rugby match, the Complutense University of Madrid has launched an investigation to analyze the incident and find out who is responsible. “After analyzing the facts, Complutense will apply appropriate sanctions to the players and their sports clubs,” the rector of the public university announced. The record shows “total denial of what happened” and talks about “unacceptable actions” that have no place “in any sphere of society”.

This is the second episode of its kind to take place at Complutense in recent weeks, following an episode by students living in the Elias Ahuja Hall of Residence. Then, in what was defended by some as a “tradition”, a group of youths from the center, all men, sang to the residents of the school opposite, all women, a macho song that included, among other things. , the phrase “prostitutes”. Get out of your den like rabbits.” This episode ended with the young man expelled from school for the moment.

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