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Red warning on the thermometer: no corner of the planet is safe from global warming

With increasing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere caused by man-made emissions, the Earth has been steadily warming for decades. Global warming means that the average temperature of the planet has increased due to the greenhouse effect, as can be seen in this graph: every year it becomes redder, meaning more temperature.

Every year since 1977, barring terrain, has been warmer than the historical average temperature. Since the 1980s, each decade has been warmer than the previous one. Over the past eight years (2015 to 2022), this average has been exceeded by more than 1ºC.

The rising temperature of the planet indicates that the Earth is warming, and from there the changes of the climate crisis arise: warming accelerates, sea levels rise, more powerful storms occur, worse and worse heat waves occur… Also the precipitation pattern changes: less rain in areas such as Spain , but stronger storms that contribute to flooding and flooding.

But the population does not live all over the world. Each of them lives in a specific area of ​​the planet. However, if you look at the temperature anomaly by country, the graph repeats itself: it goes from blue to red.

From low temperatures to above-average heat, corresponding to that part of the earth (and the people who live there). And the extra heat—that’s energy—relieves the climate crisis and its impact on human health, ecosystems and the economy.

Source: El Diario





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