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Patrick Kielty’s blunt truth about NI union membership didn’t make sense to most of us in the South.

“Could you explain this to me like I was five years old?”

.As far as I can judge, these words were uttered for the first time in the US version. office Steve Carell’s character used the following analogy as an illustration. Get a glass, lemon and sugar. He’s only $9, so you save $1. You can return that money to mom and dad. It’s only $9 next summer. ”

It’s a simple comedy, the idea that office managers are simple accounting problems that adults need to take seriously. He’s an adult who needs to tame the chaos his manager doesn’t understand. .

During Tommy Tiernan’s incredible interview with Patrick Keerty last week, there was a moment when Keerty had to explain something to Tommy as if he were a five-year-old. I was.

Keerti, whose father was killed by the UFF when Patrick was 16, sheds light on these issues. But he’s also a comedian by his profession and inclinations, and he knew it was one of those situations where Tommy had to act a certain way, like a confused Steve Carell. He is the greatest inventor of the famous economy: the lemonade stand.

Keerti turned her mind around with a pleasant smile.

Oh that was confusing. In the south we always tended to think of our places as ‘normal’ and the Scandinavians had to eventually adapt to that, so we were now in strange territory…for centuries also fought.

But we are great.

Kielty was still here. He explains that many people in the North have had to compromise in order to survive, and wonders what changes will happen on this side of the frontier.

With Tommy taking this as a reference to the “Catholic Concessions of the North”, it feels like Keerti knows this could be a transformative moment. Not only did he have to explain this to him, but the person he described was a very intelligent and sensitive person.

If you tried to deliver to a drunken man in the bar’s parking lot at 4am (which you did), it wouldn’t work. But this was his one of his colleagues, someone he clearly loved and respected. he was perfect

“No, I mean, you can’t physically integrate the islands and enter this country without joining a million or so trade unions and moving furniture to make these people feel good.”

At this point, the two parted and laughed to the point where Kielty laughed.

“What do you think they want?” said Tommy in a funny voice.

I thought Tommy might have actually sacrificed himself for the good of mankind here. We know very well that our comics can’t do things that you can’t even imagine.

However, he was ready at age 5 to do a better job as an artist and as a person.

Anyway, Keerti was riding a wave of laughter.

“I think you can start by not singing ‘Ra’ in the locker room.”

Tommy was still struggling with this.

There was also Kierti.

“Look, I know. But the funny thing is…if you’re asked to return to the league and you see the Northern Ireland women’s team singing ‘Up to the neck of the Fenian Blood’ and ‘Sash’, you can sit there and say ‘ Jesus, I’m not sure about that…'”

There are beautiful dynamics here, and these acts took little effort to comprehend, but were unimaginable to many in the South. Many in the Republic would have thought it was sheer nonsense when it was announced that there could be a United Ireland if everyone agreed to do so.

But ask the Orangemen to adopt Dublin as their new capital?

But some of us were five when Kielty started explaining. Now we are 6 people.

Source: Belfast Telegraph





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