Sernac met with La Polar to focus on eventual compensation for those affected by counterfeit clothing

The National Consumer Service (Sernac) held a meeting with representatives of La Polar to find out the real will of the company regarding compensation to all customers who were affected by the purchase of counterfeit clothing.

Specifically, the national director of the organization, Andrés Herrera, stressed that “the only way to somewhat mitigate the tremendous damage caused to consumers, and after having affected market confidence so strongly after the sale of counterfeit clothing, is that La Polar presents a comprehensive, fair compensatory proposal that benefits all the people who were affected.”

Along the same lines, Sernac recalled that the company wrote an essential fact to the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF), in which it “acknowledged having marketed counterfeit clothing, having previously been unaware of said practice.”

Given this, the agency requested a series of background information on the case and stressed to La Polar that the only way to overcome the episode is “through a formal compensatory proposal.” “Although there are a series of ongoing administrative, criminal and civil investigations, what corresponds is that, given its public recognition, the possibility of compensation be explored,” he said.

After the end of the meeting, which was the first meeting held between both parties, both Sernac and La Polar promised to meet soon to continue advancing in the talks. If an agreement is reached, the proposal must be submitted to the court that hears the class action lawsuit filed last December against the company, to then proceed to its subsequent approval.

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