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President Boric at Enade: “Entrepreneurs are not people driven mainly by greed”

Within the framework of a new edition of the National Business Meeting (Enade) 2023he President Gabriel Borichighlighted the measures that his Government has taken, making a self-criticism assuring that they have had to “learn along the way”.

“I am a person of dialogue and I agree, that is why we do not get carried away by prejudices,” said the President, in a speech that lasted about 50 minutes and in which he reviewed what his administration has been.

“Because of my career and my ideas, I know that in many of you I can arouse suspicions, and I recognize that I also have them with respect to you. But in this first year of government I have been able to confirm that there is something that, regardless of any difference, unites us and allows us to work together: it is the deep love for our country”, he pointed out.

President Boric told the businessmen that “they are not people driven solely or mainly by greed, as is sometimes caricatured.” And, on the other hand, “my generation and our government are not people who are driven solely by power or by the voluntaristic romanticism that is alien to the needs of the economy and the company”.

“We have avoided the economic crisis that many announced and the economy is recovering with an admirable fiscal balance. It is the effort of the entire Government and the management of Minister Marcel ”, he highlighted.

“We have learned? Obviously yes, we have learned along the way. Have we had to correct? Of course. There are those who accuse us that this, correcting, reflecting on one’s own acts, would be an unacceptable sign of a change of opinion”, he emphasized.

“I don’t imagine that you, in your companies, trust this type of leadership, messianic leadership. Politics, and leadership in all its forms, is the art of porosity, of listening and learning from those who think differently. From the dialogue of the agreement, from finding the minimum common points, ”he insisted.

“Would an authority that stubbornly attacks reality have more credibility, even if that leads the country down a bad path?” he reflected, adding that “inflexibility is the vocation of the fanatic, the prophet, the messiah and I am none of they”.

In this sense, he announced that “I will continue to bet on an honest dialogue, without prejudice, progress is possible if we get out of our trenches.”

Message to the opposition

In this matter, and after mentioning that he will bet on dialogue, he sent a message to the opposition, who, in his opinion, “demanded more listening spaces, but have not yet sat down at the table.”

On security, he criticized the call to decree a state of emergency in the Metropolitan Region. “I think that’s a bad idea,” she said.

“We must occupy public spaces, recover them, not lock ourselves in our homes,” he questioned.

“We must recover public spaces, increase and guarantee the freedoms of the vast majority of citizens who are honest and hardworking,” he insisted.

To do this, he pointed to the need to “resolutely strengthen the police, knowing what the legitimate and exclusive right to use force by the State is.”

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