Icare leader calls on President Boric to “unite Chile” and facilitate consensus to ensure good economic performance

The president of Icare (Chilean Institute of Rational Business Administration), Karen Thall, opened the National Business Meeting 2023, on which occasion he addressed the President of the Republic, gabriel boric, present in the instance. In his address, Thal spoke to the country’s highest authority, asking him as Head of State to create the conditions that ensure good economic development for the country.

“In a few months, you could be the President who puts his signature on a new Constitution and on the laws that approve reasonable and realistic reforms, that are agreed across the board for the well-being of the people and to recover growth and investment in our country”, indicated the executive in her speech.

This is the first meeting attended by President Boric in his administration: previous editions were affected, in the first instance, by the social outbreak, which caused its cancellation. Then, the 2021 edition took place in the midst of the health crisis, during the Government of Sebastián Piñera.

In this version, the conference had as its motto “Concordia Discors. The connection in the divergence”. For his part, Thal pointed out that “the time has come to make a sincere, serious and honest effort to agree on certain basic rules that define what we want to be as a country.”

In his message to Boric, Thal stated that this could “be the head of state that brings order to the country and fights, decisively and unambiguously, delinquency, violence and organized crime that overwhelms us every day.”

According to the businesswoman “promoting these agreements does not mean approving any content, but those that strengthen economic and social development and allow us to resume the path of growth that made Chile known as a country of progress, and take charge, at the same time , of the cracks in our model that, we already know, we have to correct”.

In addition, she referred to the business world itself, which she maintained has responsibilities, since “we must take charge of the fact that today, for various reasons, we are facing a crisis of confidence towards companies. We should be concerned that every day more than a million Chileans leave dissatisfied with the service experience they received from a private company”.

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