The business world highlights President Boric’s “dialogue” speech at Enade but they ask that it be translated “into concrete facts”

“The private sector demands certainties to invest, the people demand certainties to live.” That was one of the phrases with which President Gabriel Boric began his speech at the 2023 edition of the National Business Meeting (Enade), on an opening day of the event in which he reviewed the Government’s agenda in economic matter, emphasizing, with a clear message to businessmen, the shared responsibility to lead Chile to development.

Precisely, the business world picked up on the President’s message, and highlighted -with applause included- parts of the speech, such as when he stated that he was a “person of dialogues” who does not get carried away by prejudices; or when he said that “entrepreneurs are not people driven only or mainly by greed, as is sometimes caricatured.”

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Dialogues -which the President mentioned several times- are currently taking place, on matters as diverse as security and the economy. And from this last world, they reacted well to the presidential speech. From the banks, they described the message as positive and that it goes hand in hand with the agreements and conversations proposed by President Boric. “You have to take advantage of the weather,” they say.

From the consulting and auditor companies they also highlighted the message of the Executive, as one where they are discarded as “messianic”. “Politics and leadership in all its forms is the art of porosity, of listening and learning from those who think differently, of dialogue, of agreement, of finding the minimum common points. Inflexibility is the vocation of the fanatic, the prophet or of the messiah, and I am not one of them,” said Boric, which was highlighted by these companies, who ask that what was said not only remain in words but that they materialize.

During the speech, the President recalled the failure of the tax reform, one of the workhorses of the Boric administration. “The opposition legitimately demanded more listening spaces. Minister (of Finance, Mario) Marcel called for a dialogue process, in which many of you have actively participated, which I highlight, value and appreciate. However, the parties of the opposition have yet to come to the table,” recalled Boric.

And in this line, the main union leaders highlight this and other conversations they have had with the Executive in recent weeks. “The President picked up the gauntlet and accepted the challenge,” they say. But, like other economic sectors, they ask that this be translated “into concrete facts.”

In politics, they also highlighted the presidential message in Enade. The former deputy, Pepe Auth, highlighted that at Enade, the President demonstrated “how much he has matured in 13 months of presidential exercise, guitar in hand, dealing with reality, the Chileans’ priorities and the condition of a minority in society and in Congress.

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