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Corporate governance of BancoEstado: President Boric appoints Daniel Hojman as head and former undersecretary Verónica Kunze as vice-president

The long wait for the formation of BancoEstado’s corporate government has ended after the resignation of Jessica López as president to assume the post of Minister of Public Works.

The Ministry of Finance has announced through a statement that President Gabriel Boric has selected Daniel Hojman as the new president of the state company. Hojman has extensive experience in academia and has held the position of vice president of the state company for one year. In addition, he has been coordinator of the program of the presidential candidate of the Socialist Party, Paula Narváez.

In addition, the administration of President Boric has appointed Verónica Kunze, former Undersecretary of Tourism, as vice president of the bank. Kunze has held various important roles, such as manager of planning and studies for the Federation of Tourism Companies of Chile (Fedetur), member of the committee of experts of the World Tourism Organization and head of the division of studies and territory of the Undersecretariat of Economy, Promotion and Tourism.

With her appointment, Kunze becomes the second woman to hold the vice-presidency of BancoEstado.

The now minister Jessica López, between April 2022 and March 2023, served as president of the state financial entity, being the first woman to hold that position.

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