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Belfast’s historic Smithfield district can accommodate 600 university students

A pre-approved location for the new Belfast office will be converted into approximately 600 bedrooms to accommodate the city’s growing student population.

B.Since the University of Ulster expanded its New York Street campus presence, the number of students and faculty in downtown Elfast has grown to 15,000.

Formerly an above-ground car park between Gresham Street and Winetavern Street, the Smithfield Site was approved for office-based plans by Belfast City Council planners.

However, Bywater Properties and Ashmour Developments have announced their intention to bid for a multi-million pound student accommodation development of 583 units on site. Around 350 construction jobs will be created within the framework of the project.

Bywater and Ashmour were also involved in the initial proposal to develop three office buildings.

The companies have now submitted pre-application notices to planners for the 226,200-square-foot building. Plans include active use of his first floor to “revitalize the street” and support the renovation of the Smithfield area with a combination of small independent local businesses, retail stores, cafes and social enterprises. increase.

Bywater’s proposal includes the preservation and ongoing renovation of the designated Butcher’s House at the corner of Gresham and North Streets, which has recently been home to a number of independent businesses supported by Bywater and Ashmour. I’m here.

Builders are renovating a series of old terraces on Winetavern and Gresham streets to find tenants for the property.

Bywater Properties manager Patrick O’Gorman said: looking at it There is a growing need for quality urban living in the area to support the growing student demand with new ones.

“The new University of Ulster campus on York Street has brought renewed vigor to this part of the city, but most students who attend the campus are forced to live in other parts of the city due to the lack of student housing. They are forced to live far away from

Queen’s University also expects a significant increase in demand for new accommodation over the next few years.

“We are confident that we can help meet some of this need and are excited to offer suggestions that will contribute to the revitalization of this part of Belfast by harnessing the dynamism of the student community to support the Renaissance. We are very happy.” It is a traditional small school with shops and businesses in the area. “

A consultation on the proposal will be held in the first quarter of 2023 to obtain input from the community.

Student accommodation is booming around the new campus of the University of Ulster. Three blocks of 1,481 rooms have been completed on York Street, another is under construction at 774, and another space is planned.

In total, it is planned to accommodate around 8,000 students from both Ulster and Queen’s Universities in the city.

Author: Allison Magee

Source: Belfast Telegraph





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