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Food documentary is a heartfelt depiction of a self-taught ramen master

I’m just an old man who knows how to do that, “says our hero, Masamoto Ueda, who is preparing for service at a cramped and unpretentious ramen shop. Early in Ueda’s small kitchen, he seems to be making hard-boiled eggs marinated in simple soups, sauces and soy sauce.

Directed by John Dashbach and screened as part of the Docs Ireland Film Festival, ome Back Anytime follows the life of a self-taught Japanese chef from a low productivity to his fame. increase. One of the best in the Tokyo ramen business with humble Chinese noodles.

Some of his clients call him the “master”. Therefore, it is a level of respect and respect for chefs who have worked in the industry since 1979.

Story arcs are loosely linked to the seasons. Black screens, fresh bamboo shoots, show the cutting points that tend to take us from ramen shops to Ueda’s homes, public housing, or excavated mountains. This is really the story of someone who has food at the heart of his presence both inside and outside his little store.

Learn about Ueda’s somewhat misanthropic days before his ramen-led appeal, his marriage to his wife Kazuko in 1971, and his first child and gambling descent into debt.

With the help of my uncle, I moved to Tokyo and decided to participate in ramen.

Inside the closed store in Chiyoda Ward, you can see the master working for most of the shoots. It may not be as delicate as making sushi, but many have their own simple perfection. You can see that he made a rich mushroom soup and added chicken fat and pork bones. Umami is very good. Umami is a word that comes back many times.

After many years of expanding the repertoire, pork soy sauce ramen remains in the center of the store, which is pork, garlic, ginger, green onions, and soybeans stewed for 2 hours. ..

“I don’t use anything cheap, but I don’t use anything special,” he says. “I’m just an old man who knows how to do that.”

In addition, Mr. Ueda and his wife make a classic sauce of crispy and marble on the outside and moist pork and cabbage on the inside.

As you can hear, when we listen to its regulars, a relaxing lounge jazz soundtrack is playing in the background. And it picks up at a more crazy and less linear tempo later in the movie.

His store sees patrons meet and get married, and another store that has killed several people near him is Ueda’s warmth, friendship in such a difficult time of her life. , And explains compassion.

The company’s director, John Dashbach, has several films, but Comeback Anytime is his first documentary. He spent several years in Tokyo and counted Chinese noodles as a haunt.

I see Mr. Ueda serving sashimi to customers when he is not near the stove and inviting some of his regular customers to the experiment. “I like to move,” she says. She has more than 80 minutes of fun and fun with apparently warm, passionate, sweet and inspiring portrayals, without breaking her heart or riding a roller coaster.

Switching between cooking references and the time spent outside her store can seem a bit predictable. Editors may argue that it fits into a short story.

Still, it remains an inspirational portrait with a passion for his technique and a passion for the screen. “When it’s over, it’s over,” says Ueda.

Come Back Anytime will be screened as part of the Docs Ireland Festival and will be screened at the Queen’s Film Theater on Sunday, July 3rd at 6:15 pm.

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