Dunelm buyers have priced a heater that costs 18p to use and is the size of a “shoebox”. With winter officially upon us, millions of Britons have been looking for cost-effective ways to stay warm on the cheap.

Huisgoedwinkel Dunelm has developed a device that may be of interest to homeowners. The shop’s 650W 5-fin oil filled radiator is a small radiator that really packs a punch.

As Edinburgh Live reports, the heater costs £28 and is a hit with fans as it provides a cost-effective way to heat rooms during the cost of living. It costs about 18 cents an hour to use and allows customers to heat parts of the house where they spend the most time – rather than heating the whole house.

The product description on the Dunelm website says: “This oil-filled radiator has thermostat control and is ideal for easy transport around the home thanks to its portable, compact design and 5-slat design.” The stove is said to be easy to move and maintain. filled with oil.

In a five-star review, Mr Little said: “For me, the oven is the perfect size for a small home office. The oven is not much bigger than a shoebox, which means it doesn’t take up much space.”

Dunelm oven
Using the heater costs 18 cents per hour

WFoster said: “A fantastic stove that is really efficient, cheap to run and good value for money.” JF wrote: “Very useful in our little cozy room and puts out quite a lot of heat. Makes it much cheaper to switch on the central heating.” Richards added: “Ideal for small spaces, retains heat very well and switches off when the maximum temperature is reached and switches back on when the temperature drops. We recommend.”

However, some customers were disappointed with their purchase and said they struggled to heat their rooms to the desired temperature. Rio said: “Absolute nonsense, it does not heat the room even if it is a small room. I am very disappointed with the purchase.”

Dunelm offers a range of other heaters on its website and in store, including the white convector heater for £28. Buyers may also like the 2000W oil-filled radiator for £49. Amazon also sells a 2000W Keplin electric fan heater for £19.95. Buyers may also be interested in the Geepas oil-filled radiator heater, priced at £49.99.