Jamie Dornan has revealed an important factor that played a key role in his participation in the next episode of The Tourist, which has become the UK’s most watched show of 2022.

The new series of the hit thriller begins on New Year’s Day on the BBC and sees the return of BAFTA and Golden Globe nominees Dornan (Belfast, The Fall) and Danielle Macdonald (Unbelievable and Dumplin’) for the second series.

The six-part thriller was created and written by Jack and Harry Williams and produced by Two Brothers Pictures.

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The Co-Down actor, who has appeared in the Fifty Shades of Gray films, explained how he and his family went a step further during the first season and moved to Adelaide, Australia for five months, where he also took his children to leave school.

He said: “I explained that I’m excited about the idea of ​​a second series but it’s a big undertaking. I took my whole family with me, our kids went to school in Adelaide, which is a lot for five months. “So it wasn’t me.” I’m quite willing to do it again soon.

“And so I said, ‘Look, if there’s a world where we can have it a little closer to home…’ I didn’t mean literally my home country, but obviously it worked out pretty well for me .”

The show, which attracted 12 million viewers at its peak, follows Elliot Stanley, played by Dornan, who is the victim of a car accident in the first season and then wakes up in hospital with amnesia, not knowing who he was or what happened. for him is there.

The BBC teases about the second season: “Against the impressive backdrop of Ireland, Elliot and Helen (Chambers, played by Danielle MacDonald) encounter friends and enemies.

“As they try to unravel the secrets of Elliot’s past, they soon become embroiled in a long-running family feud while confronting the dangerous consequences of his past actions.”

Jamie, 41, added that Helen – who in the first season is a probation officer who tries to help Dornan regain his memories – and his character are now in a romantic relationship.

He added: “We’re getting Helen and Elliot together. We’re seeing them for the first time, they’ve clearly been on a journey and they’ve… they’re in a relationship with each other that I think ends up being a little longed for. the first series.

“I definitely had that feeling. So we know they were trying to escape the madness we saw in the first season and live a normal life.

“But then they make some decisions and they go to certain places and anything but normal is what greets them. More madness.”

All episodes of The Tourist will be available on BBC iPlayer from 6am on Monday 1 January, with episode one airing on BBC One at 9pm.

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