The cost of living crisis has made staying warm with less money a top priority for many Britons. Because of this, there are a lot of cheap hacks floating around, with one of the latest homeowners foot warmers using hot water bottles.

Online shoppers have raved about a particular foot warmer as temperatures outside drop near freezing. from Amazon The WARMTUYO foot warmer hot water bottle is currently on sale for €15.99 (was €20.99) and has impressed.

According to Amazon, the “light and portable” hot water bottle foot warmer is made from “machine washable, super soft flannel” that is “exceptionally durable and warm.” After you fill the bottle with hot water, it stays warm for “a few hours”, while the heated slippers have a “360° surround design”.

The bottom is also designed to be “non-slip” and can be used “for warm feet and hands or as a travel pillow”. The product can also be useful in relieving pain, as heating the feet is said to contribute to better blood circulation and relaxation.

Amazon adds: “Protect your feet from poor circulation, arthritis and cold floors. A hot water bottle provides relief from cold hands and feet, lower back pain, dysmenorrhea, arthritis pain, sports injuries, cramps and stomach aches.”

There is also a slightly smaller version available for £13.79
There is also a slightly smaller version available for £13.79

Currently, the foot warmer has a solid rating of 4.4 out of five stars across hundreds of reviews. KHS typed: “Does as intended: warms feet cheaply and effectively.” A second said: “I have always suffered from cold feet and this foot warmer is a dream come true!” In her five-star review, Charlotte declared: “Best buy of the year 2023!” Another buyer simply wrote: “Pure joy.”

Jo wrote: “I always suffer from cold feet no matter how many pairs of socks I put on. I used it as soon as it arrived and oh my god, my feet are finally warm and cozy. I can highly recommend it as winter approaches.” And we don’t need to use as much heat for cost reasons. The money is worth it. I also like that the cover is washable.”

Jabsie said: “It’s actually helped clear up the cold sores on my toes, which is a huge relief. It’s basically a hot water bottle with a fluffy lid.” However, they explained, “My only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that the stitching on the part that forms the foot compartments is starting to fall apart, so it feels loose now . “

Janet also said: “The quality is good, but if you wear thick socks, which I do in the winter, I find the foot holes too tight!” Bida warned: “It’s easy to use, but the glue for the attached flops has come off. within a week.”

There are several other hot water bottle foot warmers on the market as well as several other types such as electric heaters. Amazon is also selling a giant hot water bottle slipper for women for £20. There’s also the Snailax 2-in-1 Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager with three adjustable heat settings for £49.86.

For £10, shoppers can pick up a Country Club Gray foot warmer from Poundland. B&Q has a similar model for £10.99.