A Co Derry teenager has been invited to become a volunteer photographer for the Northern Ireland drift group after being insulted online.

Claudy’s Coree Crawford has had a passion for cars for many years and enjoys taking photos of cars at various car events and posting them on social media and commenting on others’ photos.

Unfortunately, the 16-year-old was bullied by some people because of his disability, which gradually affected him.

To boost Coree’s spirits, the Seacat Tuesday Yokes Drifting group invited him to an event at Nutts Corner where he could be the group’s photographer for a day and attend a few drifting sessions as a passenger .

His father Michael said it was like “Christmas came early” for Coree, who had a brilliant day with the group.

Coree told The Postedia, “It was great to be invited to take pictures with the STY guys and join them as they float around.

“I had a lot of fun and I hope to be with them again soon.”

Michael said: “Coree has always loved cars and enjoys going to various events and posting pictures of them online.

“There were a few people who started teasing him a bit which knocked him out quite a bit and it was very nice of the guys to invite him over for the day and he had a great time.

“It was like Christmas came too soon for him and they even gave him stuff that made him over the moon.

“He’s been in the cars himself a few times and although he’s gotten a little dizzy, he’s really enjoyed it and we’re very grateful that they’ve reached out to Coree in this way.”

Seacat Tuesday Yokes’ Aaron McNeilly said the group wanted to help cheer Coree on after he was unfairly mistreated.

He said: “Coree is a really nice guy who really likes cars and doesn’t deserve some of the horrible comments he’s received.

“We invited him as our photographer for the day to give him a boost and everyone had a great day.”

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