It’s almost time for the elves to return to their homes across the country before Christmas.

Little ones love it when these pranksters show up in an unexpected place every day.

We’ve rounded up some brilliant ideas from TikTok for you to try this December.

And be sure to send us your fun elf on the shelf ideas!

Elf wrapped like a burrito, playing Jenga and more

This TikTok user has shared some great ideas for you to try this Christmas.

Some brilliant play connect 4, the floor is lava and elves pack in the fridge.

Feed the ducks, rub a snowman’s nose, fly in underpants and more

Another TikTok user shared 25 great ideas.

These include an elf swinging off your Christmas tree on a makeshift zip line and another tangled in dental floss.

eleven sleds

This is another clever and creative idea for kids to wake up to.

These parents created their own sled scene using wrapping paper and cotton balls for snow.

Snowball fight, bake eggs and more

In this TikTok full of ideas, the mischievous elves have a snowball fight and play hockey.

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