Irish speakers looking to take the plunge and buy their dream home anywhere in Ireland are looking forward to appearing on a TV show.

Strident Media is producing the second season of their property show Bog Amach for RTÉ and BBC.

The first season of Bog Amach helped six couples and families either return home or make a big change in their lives by leaving the city and moving to the country.

For the participants looking for houses, there must be a person who speaks Irish well.

A spokesperson for Strident Media said: “Are you a city dweller with big dreams of moving to the country? Are you an Irish speaker living abroad and want to return home?

“A retiree looking to downsize or move to the country? Are you looking for a rural location to work remotely, start a new business or venture – or just a new way of life?

“If so, and if you speak Irish and would like help with your search, we’d love to hear from you!”

The narrator added: “And in this new series we want to meet more people making the big move – from those returning from overseas to those looking to start a new life or business in rural Ireland.

“More and more people are exchanging hectic city life, traffic jams and lack of space for a quieter and more relaxed life. She is drawn to the coast, mountains and countryside in search of a new way of life.

And working from home has revolutionized employers and employees alike, making the once seemingly impossible dream a reality.

“If you want expert advice and help learning more about your destinations – and are willing to be filmed doing it – we’d love to hear from you!”

If you would like to appear on the show, receive expert advice and learn more about the property or area of ​​your dreams, please get in touch [email protected] You can fill out the broadcast request HERE.

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