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Five mobile apps for successful mushroom hunting


Warm days, long afternoons and cool nights that break the heat cycle and help to keep the forest moist: autumn is the best time to forget the beaches and bet on a weekend in the countryside.

One of the reasons is that after the first rain, the mushrooms return to the surface of the forests, around the trees, and thousands of fans are sent from all over the country to collect them.

But: how to distinguish between good and bad quality? How to recognize food and avoid bad? How do we know in which area each species is found or where are the corners that only experts know are full of fireflies (rovelons)umbrellas, umbrellas, chanters, Kamagroks (The Chanterelles)Death trumpets etc?

Previously, this knowledge was hidden and passed from father to son; together now mobile applicationsSearching for mushrooms is not available to everyone who wants to walk.

Of course: you should always know how to distinguish poisonous mushrooms, and if in doubt, throw away a suspect specimen. I present it below Seven applications to exit the mushroom Top rated on Android or iPhone.

1. Boletus mushrooms

The most popular and highest rated app Android. It is based on a Photo catalog Comprehensive and detailed, adding commentary on each major mushroom, including how to tell them apart, whether they’re edible, their main habitat, etc.

On the downside, note that, at least in the free version, there are comments in English And we may miss some details. But on the other hand, it provides a very educational game to learn to distinguish the most common mushrooms.

It has a paid version. Bolets Pro Mushrooms, where the photo catalog is expanded. value 2.36 euros on android. The difference is that the Pro version is much more complete and allows you to save the places where mushrooms were found for other cases.

2. Boletus – mushroom finder

Well appreciated and only Android version. Boletus helps to easily determine the class of mushrooms, so it can be used by both experts and beginners.

Application Ask different questions about mushrooms Found – the color of the leg, the shape of the cap, the presence of a ring, etc. Accordingly, it provides a list of fungi that match the given answers. Boletus works without internet.

This is a paid app that is worth it 2.09 euros. In any case, the price is compensated by its advantages, such as gps maps Where we can save locations and routes for future occurrences, or its didactic system for identifying each type of mushroom. has The version is called Lite Which is easier and free.

3. Mushrooms Pro

Mushrooms Pro is an app that is worth it 8.99 euros in Its version for iPhone. However, it can be very useful because it informs us how to identify more 300 species with about 2000 images Which, as they explain, allows for easy identification of the fungus found.

The app provides a comprehensive description of each mushroom and a selection of images with different perspectives on the mushroom in its natural habitat.

4. Picture mushroom

This application is in the full sense, because it not only serves as a support for comparing pictures or photos of mushrooms, but also uses the mobile phone camera to take pictures of different parts of mushrooms and identify the species with pictures. If it is edible, if it is poisonous, etc.

In addition, the application includes an entire encyclopedia on mushrooms or teaches us how to avoid toxic mushrooms with various techniques and for each case allows a real-time query channel with experts.

It allows us to map and from year to year, thanks to our geolocation, it gives us an indication of the areas where we can find mushrooms. In iPhone It costs €29.99 per year, though It’s also on Android.

5. Mushroom Lite

This app, coordinated by mycologist Ewald Gerhard, author of books on fungi and former consultant for mycology at the Botanic Garden and the Botanical Museum Berlin, offers more than 300 species and more than 2,000 high-resolution images. Mushrooms found in this way are very easy to identify.

The app provides a comprehensive description of each mushroom and a selection of images with different perspectives on the mushroom in its natural habitat. It also allows you to be part of an online community dedicated to searching for mushrooms on a map and marking them so that other members of the community can consult those maps.

The full app is available in: German, English, Spanish and French. Mushroom names are also available in: Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Polish, Slovenian and Suomi. only Available for iPhone.

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