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Six smoothies or green soups to beat the last heat of summer


You don’t like vegetables, but you want to add them to your diet or they have been overlooked? Or are you a fan of all decent green foods and want to try them differently? The solution to both assumptions is to turn them into smoothies.

And it’s easier than you think: you just have to Mix fruits with raw vegetablesAdd some kind of liquid and enjoy the fruity flavor but green color.

Its benefits for the good health of those who consume it are extensive, as Christine Miles explains The Green Smoothie Bible (Ed. Grijalbo): “Those who have included green smoothies in their diet report that their health benefits are numerous; For example, smoother skin, better digestion, weight loss and better mood.”

Although probably the best Green smoothie is that they are a new way for those looking to create a regimen full of all the vitamins and minerals that fruits and vegetables have to offer.

But above all, for those who want immediacy and innovation, which is why we have compiled these recipes, whether from chefs, restaurants or the aforementioned book, so that they do not have to worry about the quantities and ingredients that they have to meet. your taste.

🧃 The Green Smoothie Bible

All recipes in this collection of juices by different authors are calculated for one liter of smoothie, enough for two people.

For a tropical getaway

Recipe by writer and professional trainer Joanne Newell. Seasonal summer smoothie.

  • Add clean water and coconut pulp to the container.
  • Ripe mango, peel two bananas, cut into pieces and add to the container.
  • Add a cup of water, a cup or two of urine to taste, and a cup of spinach.
  • Before serving, check the taste and consistency of the smoothie and add water, fruit or sugar according to taste.
  • Serve in two large glasses and enjoy!

Salty green smoothie

From Lisa Wheeler, Founder of Embracing Health and Naturopath.

  • In a bowl, add the following ingredients, cut into pieces: half a cup of arugula, half a cup of seaweed, a cup of kale, a cucumber, a carrot, a beet, two stalks of celery, half a lemon, a pinch of cayenne. pepper, a little sea salt, a little tamari sauce and two glasses of water.
  • Whisk until the texture is runny but creamy and serve.

laundry green

From Lucy Stagley, aka Smoothie Girl, who is passionate about raw food and green smoothies.

  • Blend the following ingredients: a cup of frozen pineapple, a large, ripe banana, half a cup of filtered or spring water (or, alternatively, coconut water), a handful of spinach, five mint or sage leaves, juice of half a lime, dates (optional, for sweetening).
  • For a powerful blender: cut the vanilla pod in half lengthwise and blend with all the ingredients. If it is weak, grind the vanilla separately, then mix it.

A green recipe for improving mood

Created by Christine Miles, the book’s own author.

  • Add to the container: banana, pear, apple, two tablespoons of chia seeds, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and one more vanilla extract, half a cup of sunflower seed milk and various green vegetables to taste.
  • Shake and enjoy.

🧃 The ones we liked the most

Detox smoothie

The recipe is provided Salt Beach Club, the beach bar of the W Hotel in Barcelona. Paseo Mare Nostrum, 19-21, Barcelona.

  • Pour into a 100 ml container. Pineapple juice, a quarter of an apple, a piece of ginger and a handful of spinach.
  • Also add some crushed ice.
  • Whisk until it has the texture of milk and serve.

green juice

You can also try this recipe for a Salt Beach Club platter:

  • Add 80/100 ml of watermelon juice, a handful of spinach, a slice of cucumber and a slice of celery to the container.
  • For the perfect texture and freshness, add crushed ice.
  • Whisk until smooth and ready to serve.

🧃 And as a soup, melon with ham!

recipe Eric LauertaChef and creator of digital content about gastronomy.

  • Peel a quarter of a large or half a small melon, cut it into slices and add it to the container.
  • Also add four finger-thick slices of cucumber, about 10 mint leaves, half a squeezed lemon, two tablespoons of yogurt, a little salt, pepper, and olive oil.
  • Beat well until it has a runny but creamy texture.
  • Pour on a plate and add four pieces of melon, a few pieces of serrano ham, a little olive oil and a mint leaf as a final garnish.

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