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The best restaurants beyond alioli to eat original fideua

It is very possible to associate fideua with rice dishes because they are always grouped in the same section of the menu and are similar, except that it brings noodles, usually thin, although there are also thicker ones. We usually eat them with fish, shellfish and shellfish. Often black, with squid ink and, if available, homemade aioli.

That is why we are very pleasantly surprised Some restaurants that go beyond the typical recipe and the chef takes risks To give him his own personal style, to break what the client expects in his chamber and even with a presentation outside the palera (for friends of Paella Levante).

in Valencia and the Balearic Islands

It is the most important fideo from Gandia, born because one day they didn’t have rice, they replaced it with noodles, according to chef Amadeo Faus. Restaurant Chef Amadeo, which won a prize at the 2014 International Fideuà Competition in Gandia for its recipe loaded with Norwegian lobsters, prawns, pieces of monkfish and 4 no. Has another restaurant with lobsters and shrimps that is a show. Carrer de Mallorca, 17, 46730 Grau i Platja, Gandia.

Also, in Kukala farm, which is a beautiful place with a patio, lounge and terrace in the middle of nature, they cook duck and foie gras with boltus and not a single puff is left. It is near Valencia. Avinguda de la Mar, S/N, in Pobla de Farnals.

Fandango Formentera Makes fideua with rooster combs and crab from Formentera with grilled chicken juice alioli, how do you like it? Well, the restaurant has been a finalist in the Sueca International Valencian Paella Contest (Valencia), which has been deciding which is the best in the world for over 60 years, so you can imagine. Ava. Miramar Nº1. This is Pujols. Formentera.

in Catalonia

1881, Restaurant and Terrace of the Museum of Catalan Historywas one of 17 participants in the ninth edition Born Street Food Festival in Barcelona, which is repeated annually for the inauguration of spring. And his chef surprised us with delicious and meaty fideo with ribs and sausages, very country.

Note that in addition to the terrace with views, this restaurant is certified with the Mediterranean Diet Seal of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation and has an exclusive direct purchase agreement with the Barcelona Fishermen’s Association. Translation: quality. Plaça de Pau Vila, 3, Barcelona.

Paquita is slow It includes in its very complete and generous menu, for 13.90 euros during the week and 20.90 at the weekend, rice dishes and fideua that are truly scandalous. They change up the ingredients so their regulars don’t get bored, but a recent special touch was the roséjat with smoked aioli.

This involves frying the noodles until they are cooked in their fumet and all enjundia with vegetables or, if you prefer to stay classic, with seaweed. Socrates and the characteristic crunch of the last touch in the oven have their own art. This is Riera Buscarons 8, Cane de Mar, Barcelona.

Xaloquell Prepare the fideua with aioli and chunks of monkfish, which has a very good reputation, and the blackfish is topped with squid and shrimp, which is not something you’ll find anywhere or at a normal price. It is being prepared Sant Salvador Beach, El Vendrell, Tarragona.

in Andalusia

Lola’s Restauranton the seventh floor Hotel only youWith a panoramic view of Scandal, you’ll have your eyes wide open with Chef Pedro Hervás’ exceptional fideua because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Pan-fried (not in paella) and presented in a bowl with shrimp, squid and crunchy vegetables, with a sudden hint of citrus that cleans the mouth, it’s a great dish to share, but order it for yourself just because you can’t stop until the shepherd. Alameda Principal, 1, Malaga.

KGB This is one of the most awarded tapas restaurants in Málaga, and its chef, Irene Garrido, manages to elegantly prepare any dish that would seem an aberration in the hands of another chef.

So sounds like her creamy duck fideua with avocado cream, cooked in chicken and duck stock, topped with a creamy sauce, roasted duck and this delicious Axarquia avocado soft cream. And their serving sizes are perfect for tapas and trying their large prix fixe menu. C. Fresca, 12. Málaga and new headquarters in Madrid, Zurbano 45, corner Rafael Calvo, Barrio de Chamber.

Cadiz Lighthouse, at C. San Félix, 15, in the neighborhood of La Viña, is a classic that never stops renewing itself with creative ideas, such as its fideua almadraba with tuna, which you can go crazy with in its restaurant. In Bodegita El Adobo They try to match them with Fideua’s mackerel, one of the best in the capital. C. Rosario, 4, Cadiz.

North of Madrid

SS28 It never ceases to amaze us and, in this case, makes an incredible fideu with pig trotters and octopus. The height of sweetness. C/ Teodoro Cuesta, 28 years old, Mieres, Asturias.

Rolla He surprised us with that fideu with Iberian secret and red curry, another one of those creations you wouldn’t expect, but we love that chefs like Miguel López Urola go a little crazy and mix the best from here and there. This is 9 San Juan de la Cruz Street, Zaragoza.

We didn’t find any in Madrid that were particularly different, but if you still want to eat fideua after reading this article, they make them very rich. Volleyball seasonal cuisineA gastronomic concept made famous by Jorge Dávila and Oscar Portal with rice dishes and fideua with fideo rosso, red shrimp and ali oli. Calle La Pedriza, 6, in Pozuelo de Alarcón.

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