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Gailwalker: Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t like it for at least a while?

According to the latest polls, only one in three people here will vote for United Ireland soon. After the consensus that parliamentary elections will hit the Commonwealth more than once, the consensus on hard pole fuel must be said.

This does not make reading fun for both nationalists and unionists.

Immediately after posting an ad for St. Patrick’s Day to conduct a frontier poll in US media, including the Washington Post, the Sinn Féin party was probably concerned that popular politics would go beyond profits. Announced a manifest that prioritizes the cost of life. Investigation result.

And even the great unionist Boogeyman, the dissolution of the Northern Ireland Protocol, is essentially a defense against the status quo, despite its ability to drive madness. If you can’t completely see how the old one works, it’s an effort to remove the new one that isn’t working.

However, such a reaction can be a misunderstanding of the outcome and the mood changes behind it. Rather, the relentless boredom of our politics represents how people are oppressed.

Of course, after May 5th, there will be two group votes, orange and green. However, in these camps, there is growing recognition that what is important is not the eternal existential anxiety about the constitutional status 20 years from now, but the life here now. ..

We live in an era when the Good Friday Agreement was signed a quarter of a century ago and people are looking at the “future.” Look at you.

Infinite Jardice vs. Dickens Bleak House. As in the case of Jardice, Northern Ireland’s politics has been “goodbye” for generations.

Published 170 years ago, it describes our current situation and its impact on the people here in the following words: Many young people got married there. Countless old men died from it. At the Jarndyce and Jarndyce parties, dozens of people became ferocious without knowing how or why. All families inherit the legendary hatred of costumes.

Tragically, they did. But the internet has allowed people to know what is happening elsewhere. How many societies are fully functioning without the constant threat of internal conflict?

In recent weeks, the old terrorist strategy has revived, much like an individual was killed in the name of an old war. Perhaps for the first time, people have drawn the limits of what they can tolerate.

The Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998. Many old people promised a good day, but never a good day.

Yes, some people are happier, but the majority do not feel good, healthy, protected or have many opportunities.

In addition, decentralization has lost the trust of the political class. Parliament here did not work as it did in Scotland and Wales. It didn’t sit for 37% of the time.

Not surprisingly, the core elements of civil society are also not functioning.

Beyond the idealism of the country, people want others to take it for granted. To find a decent job. Make sure the ambulance arrives on time to save their lives. Let your child go out, meet friends, and get home safely – this is the protracted scar of the Noadnoho incident.

Next, what do you guess when the doorbell rings during the election? It’s orange or green.

Now, in Northern Ireland, people are aware of more complex and subtle versions of themselves and others. They know how easy it is to think of their attitude that they are perceived as one-sided and despised by others.

Everyday life brings enough anxiety. The COVID pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the resurgence of the nuclear threat, and the cost of living are all tense.

This constant attitude of us living with our enemies destroys our souls. The bus driver is trying to catch you, even when you are helping your old aunt get out of her car. People like you who don’t want to have a drink at the bar just because they’re orange or green are like friends. Birth accidents are equal to the sum of your identity and desires.

First of all, people miss normality. “I’m 40, 50, 60, 70 … can I find peace here?” They think. Will I live like people living elsewhere someday? Or am I telling myself that I was born in the wrong place and at the wrong time? “”

Wouldn’t it be great if it wasn’t like here at least sometimes, as Van never said?

Constitutional aspirations are important, but many will be content with 10 years of true peace.

A decade to resolve health crises, achieve reconciliation, renew education in the 21st century, promote happiness, eradicate social misery and provide working-class children with the right opportunities. Give more people the real interests of our society.

Graffiti praising the NHS during the West Belfast epidemic is a complex place, making it increasingly impossible to explain in simple words. Red Arrows will fly over Bray in July, greeting visitors, not enemies.

Individualism, gender politics, environmentalism, the New Left perspective, and black consciousness continue to influence our perspective.

There are serious problems with science fiction and DUP, which maintain the “ethnic purity” of voting. Neither succeeded in making their core proposal more attractive to the “other side.”

But the morally superior position of some parties to demonize basically decent people who vote for these big blocks, as the fanatics behind are melancholy, wrong, and damaging. The truth is that these people share a desire to live in a peaceful, prosperous and friendly place. It is now up to these parties to take this into account.

The second half of Dickens’ novel, Jarndycev. Jarndyce lasted so long that all relevant funds were swallowed in the proceedings. No one is left behind. Are you familiar?

Source: Belfasttelegraph





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