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Perspective: Care home scandal must be final

In 2018, the Senior Commissioner announced a deterrence assessment of the state of the Dan Marie Mannering Home.

Health Trust, RQIA, and owner Runwood Homes were strongly criticized in Eddie Lynch’s Home Facts report.

He found cases of sexual abuse among residents, and another resident had a pressure sore deep enough to expose his bones.

Due to the great shortage of critical equipment, staff had to buy their own blood pressure monitors, but auxiliary hygiene was also a major concern.

He made 59 recommendations to prevent it from happening again.

That’s why the findings of the seriously harmful case studies of Clifton Nursing Homes are even more frightening.

Just two years later, despite the hesitation of politicians when Home Truth was announced and the promise of health authorities to make changes, the most vulnerable people in society were once again left behind.

The lives of Clifton House residents were endangered by fundamental dysfunctions such as lack of bedding, towels, cutlery and even sphygmomanometer cuffs.

It seems almost incomprehensible that the high-profile survey recommended the most basic dignity of wearing their clothes to the residents of nursing homes. Surprisingly, however, the review committee decided that it needed to be included in the report.

Critics are sure to remind us of the very unusual situation of the Clifton Nursing Home at the time-and no one can deny it.

However, despite the taxpayer-funded series of assistance, interventions, and last attempts by emergency medical institutions since the name of Runwood Homes was changed to Kathryn Homes, Runwood Homes still meet the basic safety standards of its properties. Is not …

How many residents suffer or need to die. The number of families who have to fight for an answer. How many more investigations and investigations do you need to put an end to the puzzles of nursing homes?

Source: Belfasttelegraph





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