Borax with water: a drink based on a cleaning compound that is dangerously popular on the web

Unfortunately, TikTok’s algorithm lacks a verification system, and every now and then a recommendation or challenge becomes a trend on the network, causing thousands of people to imitate and get hurt in the process. If it comes to applying ice on the head, it is harmless. The problem is when Tiktokers They try to convince others to swallow things that no one should put in their mouths.

A famous challenge in 2019 convinced many young people to eat Tide brand washing machine pills. Later, people began snorting bath salts for their supposed psychedelic effects. This year it’s not a challenge, but a supposed health tip: eat borax. Borax is a hydrated salt of sodium borate and has a very high pH of 9.5. That is, it is very alkaline, which makes it suitable for household cleaning and as a bleaching agent in laundry.

however, Tiktokers They promote borax as a remedy for pain, chronic inflammation, and to strengthen bones. Enthusiasts take half a teaspoon of the cleanser dissolved in water or its “Smoothie” in the morning and happily announced that they had registered #boraxtrain. The problem is that they poison themselves.

Tiktokers promote borax as a remedy for pain, chronic inflammation and bone strengthening

boron in the body

Boron is a trace mineral. This means that we need it, but in small quantities. As explained in this article, boron supplements can improve cognitive function, estrogen and testosterone levels, prevent osteoarthritis, reduce inflammation, and slow aging. Boron has been one of the biggest discoveries in recent years due to its effects on metabolism, and as the title of one study says: “Bor is not boring at all“(There is nothing boring about boron).

The Boron deficiencyInstead, it can cause cognitive decline, weak bones, hormonal imbalances, and immune system dysfunction, among other things, although these data are based on animal studies.

Boron occurs naturally in a wide variety of foods, especially plant-based foods. Some of the foods richest in boron include fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, prunes, tomatoes, onions and spinach. It is also found in nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts (which are also excellent sources of selenium), sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. It is also found in wine, coffee and tea.

The recommended daily amount of boron is only 3 milligrams. This means that most people get enough boron through their diet, especially if they eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes.

However, some people may not get enough, especially if they eat processed foods, or because these minerals disappear from agricultural soil due to improper application of fertilizers, causing plants to not contain enough boron later.

You need boron, but you don’t need borax. The difference is important.

Why Borax Can Be Toxic

If you buy a boron supplement from your herbalist, the number of pills is about 3 milligrams, which is recommended daily. However, borax is a boron salt, and the half teaspoon that people take is about four grams of borax, which is about 400 to 500 milligrams, which is almost a hundred times what is needed.

Many others decry the trend as a threat to the TikTok network itself, including nutritionist Lisa Kilgour, who explains why some may initially believe she’s experiencing little improvement because she may be suffering from a deficiency, but warns of the dangers of boron overdose due to the high content of borax.

Borax is not overly toxic, but as with all compounds, it always depends on the dose. Its effect is known because It is used as a pesticide in agriculture. The toxic dose for children is about 5 grams, about one teaspoon, and 10 to 25 grams for adults. The symptoms are Constant vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Inhalation of borax dust can cause respiratory irritation and in some cases skin rashes. Continuous intake can affect the vascular system and the human brain and cause headaches and lethargy, but this is less common.

European regulation considers borax to be a candidate for the list of “substances of very high concern” due to its effects on health, and it must be provided with warnings about it. Risk of fertility and fetal development.

Boron is an important mineral for your health that you can take as a supplement in your herbalist. Borax is an excellent cleaner. Do not confuse one with the other.

*Dario Pescador is the editor and director Journal quo and the author of the book your best self Posted by Oberon.

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