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Choosing a Manual or Super Automatic Espresso Machine: Pros and Cons of Each Type

There are many of us who love our coffee in the morning and probably many who also drink it after dinner and even in the afternoon; And we all know that this involves a series of rituals to give the mixture body and a consistent taste.

However, many times we lack either the time or the energy, especially when we’ve just woken up, to break out the mocha pot and wait for the water to boil. Or there are several of us at home and each of us likes coffee differently, be it espresso, Macchiato, LungoAmerican or classic Cappuccino.

Thus, the quality of traditional mocha coffee is exceeded by the diversity of demand and, above all, by the need to make several coffee makers if many people are going to drink coffee and also want to repeat. This makes twice as much work when we might be too lazy to make one coffee maker in the morning.

There are probably other reasons, but there is no doubt that many people find it attractive to have the variety of coffee every morning or afternoon in a few minutes without the hassle and in a few minutes.

This can be achieved with espresso machines, both manual and super-automatic, two types of machines that work under pressure and offer a dense and spicy coffee that is very similar to a bar.

The result will also depend on the type of beans we use, whether we choose roasted or specialty coffee instead of roasted coffee with a strong variety blend that is served in many cafeterias in Spain.

Especially now that remote work is installed in many people, it might be a good idea to look for espresso coffee, like in bars, without taking off your pajamas and especially without using aluminum capsules.

To get a creamy and dense coffee at home, or just to get the perfect base coffee for our latte, without much complexity and effort, there are various alternatives to espresso coffee machines on the market.

One of them is a super-automatic coffee maker, and the other is a mechanical one. Each of them has its pros and cons and adapts to different types of people, their rhythms and consumption habits. This article aims to help you choose the best model for you.

Mechanical espresso machines are those in which the user is responsible for pressing the coffee and additional grinding to make the drink to your liking.

On the other hand, super-automatic machines, as their name implies, carry out the process automatically and are responsible for both grinding the beans to taste and pressing them to make coffee by using hot water under pressure.

Advantages of manual coffee makers

What are the benefits of a manual coffee maker?

First of all, it is a very personal experience, because a coffee maker where everything that is done passes through our hands is ideal for people who really love to make coffee. If you have to grind the coffee yourself, choose the beans, make the blends, etc. Better results can be obtained than in other coffee makers.

Another advantage is the price compared to super-automatic coffee machines, as manuals are usually cheaper. Although the average price is 100 euros, some models can be found for less than 50 euros. Also design models for 500 euros.

Finally, there is the matter of the space they take up, which is usually less in the case of textbooks. than in super automatics, which makes them more convenient to place in the kitchen.

Disadvantages of manual coffee makers

However, manual coffee makers also have some disadvantages.

The first disadvantage is that you need to practice by hand when grinding coffee, pressing, selecting quantities, pressing… It rarely works the first time.

When it is used, it becomes better to understand how it works properly, or even sets its own guidelines for the different types of coffee we want. But all this takes time to learn.

The second disadvantage is that you have to grind the coffee. This requires effort, time and the purchase of a grinder. An alternative is to buy already ground coffee, but we should be aware that the market offer of this product is usually adapted only to the grinding of the measured type; Although different quality coffee brands offer packages for mocha, espresso, filter, etc. But this is a rare product in supermarkets.

Although we buy quality ground coffee, for example, roasted, and with a grinding quality that suits our desires and the machine, we must remember that the durability of ground coffee is much less than that of coffee beans. The package will lose its flavor.

Finally, there’s the cleaning department, since manuals tend to get dirtier than super-automatics, which means they need to be cleaned more often.

In short: these are the coffee makers that, if you’re passionate about this drink, you can enjoy. They are completely manual, they allow you to prepare coffee to each person’s taste and in a few seconds. But all this makes the process somewhat longer and more complicated. If you wake up very early or with small margins, this may not be practical.

Advantages of super automatic coffee machines

Having discussed the main advantages of manual coffee makers, what is so good about super automatic devices?

For starters, they simplify and speed up the process. Although manual coffee makers make you spend money making coffee, they are hardly worth the effort.

The reason is that they are actually a robot that includes an upper container to store the coffee beans that are poured into the grind and after grinding end up in a capsule where the coffee is pressed and subjected to the passage of hot water. at a pressure of 9 to 20 bar. All you need to do is prime the water tank and press the button.

In addition, super-automatic machines of minimum quality allow you to determine the degree of grinding of coffee beans to taste, usually at three levels: from coarse to fine, with which they are used as espresso coffee (fine) and. American coffee or lungs (rough), or for Cappuccinos or Macchiatoswhich can be made with a medium ground grain.

This also implies the advantage of saving on the purchase of a grinder, as well as the work involved in manual grinding, and of course the durability of the coffee in terms of its taste and aroma, since it allows us to buy it instead of the grain. previously ground.

An added advantage of some superautomatic machines is the fact that they either include a steamer to heat the milk, or even – in the most expensive models – a container to pour the milk into so that it goes through the machine and comes out frothy.

They are usually quite easy to clean, as they have a tray that collects excess water and a container for the coffee grounds. The only concern is that the water tank is always full.

Finally, it should be noted that the results – in minimal quality cars – are usually quite consistent. Although it seems obvious that the resulting coffee is very successful, it logically depends on factors such as brand, grain, etc. Compared to the manual, some people won’t notice the difference, it’s worth the effort.

Disadvantages of superautomatic

Undoubtedly, one is the price, as superautomatics are much more expensive than manuals and generally exceed 300 euros and reach 600 and more; However, higher quality manuals and ceramic casings do as well.

Another disadvantage is that they are not insignificant in size, because this is a very bulky device that must be placed in a special space in the kitchen or office and will have high visibility, which not everyone likes.

Finally, they have an Achilles heel in that they are machines that must be used exclusively with softened water, because they accumulate internal limescale, which damages the engine.

That’s why we should approach them with special care and be strict with the filters specified by the manufacturer, because the useful life of the coffee maker depends on it.

In short: super automatic coffee machines are perfect for people who love good coffee and can afford it without a barista or a passionate demanding quality who would be more than happy with a manual.

They save us time, work and cleaning and offer a wide range of coffee varieties with very good results if the beans meet the expected quality.

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