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I have a travel contract and they call me to the table on the 23rd election: can I cancel it?

The Prime Minister’s surprise call for a general election this Monday caught virtually the entire country by surprise, including politicians and journalists who are among the citizens who will have to adjust or cancel their vacations.

They are not the only ones, many citizens may also be affected. It is estimated that more than half a million people – if we take into account that in the last general election of 2019, 535,842 citizens were called as table chairmen and members to cover the 60,000 or so tables that they established that day.

Failure to comply with this obligation can result in fines of up to €5,000 and imprisonment of between three months and one year, so the conscripts will have several alternatives to avoid this, and if they intend to go on holiday, for example, must postpone them. The Instruction 6/2011 Vacation is not included among the assumptions free from submission to the Central Electoral College.

It does so for other reasons, such as illness, hospitalization, pregnancy, lactation, absolute permanent disability and severe disability, admission to a psychiatric or correctional facility, care of minors or dependents, or the need to work, depending on the position. others. others.

Also in the case of events such as weddings and baptisms, provided that the affected person is their protagonist or has a very direct or close relationship with the protagonists, but must provide supporting documents.

I have a contracted trip

But everything can be worse: we can have a holiday before the contract, or only a flight or package Equipped with hotels and other services. are you doing Should we give up the trip?

Apparently so, although FACUA spokesman Ruben Sanchez In the announcements of Cadena SERHe believes that the fact of contracting a flight or a package holiday can give rise to a valid reason for self-defense “if the precinct central election board admits it”, although he admits that this is not a reason for the central election board to consider.

Therefore, and in the absence of further debate, in principle we cannot go on leave if we are called to the precincts. The question is whether we can get back the money invested during the trip.

From Reclamador’s Legal Office, Claims Application onlineExplain to this media that “this is not a case of force majeure and it is not a case that can be covered by the European regulation that establishes common rules on compensation and assistance for air passengers, because it is not a cancellation that comes from the airline, but it is the passenger that unable to travel. ”

This means that the election call, as well as the canceled flights due to the war in Ukraine, are considered extraordinary circumstances, but not force majeure, so the return of the machine is not considered. Amount paid after trip cancellation.

If I have insurance, I can cancel

If we have contracted travel and are called to the precinct, we will basically be stuck, unless the Electoral College changes its rules, with no money and no leave.

However, there is a circumstance that can protect us: that we have taken out cancellation insurance. These insurances include, but are not limited to, presumptions of cancellation coverage, claims of physical presence due to legal proceedings, police detention or signing of official documents.

In case we don’t know whether we will be invited to the table as members or presidents, the best alternative if we want to plan our trip is to have all flights, hotels and service contracts with cancellation insurance; which will allow us to withdraw money in case of a summons.

At least since then They recommend “If you do not have travel insurance, check the general conditions of the ticket if there is a possibility of reimbursement for this reason among the considered cases.”

And it adds: “Attendance at the table is a commitment, so ticket refunds will depend on the passenger’s policy regarding cancellation or change of flight dates.”

In this sense, the legal office emphasizes that “airlines such as Vueling have already announced that in case the passenger cannot justify his absence at the site, they will offer the possibility of reimbursement of the cost of the ticket”.

When will we know if they will call us or not?

We will begin to find out if we are invited between June 25th and July 3rd if we attend Regulation of the Central Electoral Collegewhich states that “the president and the members of each table shall be appointed by public lot from among all persons included in the list of voters of the respective table”.

Also, that “the aforementioned draws are held on the twenty-fifth and twenty-ninth days after the call” and “the appointment of the president and member of the election board should be notified to the interested persons within three days.”

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