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Skyr, what is it and why is everyone talking about it?

he Skyr is a food that came with force In supermarkets and most of all in social networks Food lovers, a lot of people are talking about it. What has been dubbed the “Viking Superfood” has appeared in stores almost by accident and made a home for those who want to take better care of themselves.

At first glance it looks like a Plain yogurt, but hides a very important secret inside. It has almost no fat and contains a lot of protein. The difference with regular yogurts is that it also does not contain sugar, an element that adds calories to the milk fat that is still present, in much smaller amounts.

The history of the sky

Iceland is the place of origin This food, which has become fashionable in half the world. This is a type of yogurt that is very creamy and addictive. The best thing about this food is that it has almost no fat and can be used in all kinds of recipes. This is the basis of athletes who are looking for protein in its purest form.

For decades, it has been a home-cooked meal. They say the way it was made came from the continent more than a thousand years ago, hence its Viking origins. According to the historian Culinary Hallgerdur Gisladottir, there are records of Skyre during the colonization of the entire Scandinavian peninsula. A superfood that has become an ally for those who live in hostile climates, on farms, far from the city.

The secret of this yogurt is Fermentation That gives it the taste, the texture, but also the natural probiotics that are not visible. It was originally a manual process and is now mechanized, but in essence it is still based on ancestral techniques that the Icelanders brought halfway around the world.

Skyr vs Yogurt: These are the main differences

At first glance Skyr looks like ordinary yogurt, but in reality we are dealing with a food that goes much further. Both are made with milk, but in the case of yogurt, the fat from this element is used. The blue is wearing off And then it is beaten until the texture we are looking for is achieved, thanks to enzymes that work in the same way as yogurt.

he 3.5 liters of milk is needed A cow is used to make a liter of skyr, so it is an expensive product. There aren’t enough cows in Iceland to meet the worldwide demand that has arisen for this yogurt-like product, which has taken over Food lovers from half the world

he Skyr doesn’t taste that sweet, has a sour point that makes it a good base for sweet and savory dishes. We can mix skyri with honey, nuts or fruit for a breakfast worthy of the Viking gods, but a piece of salmon on top of a canapé would be delicious on toast too. The possibilities of this superfood are enormous.

How did skyr become so popular?

It might have been whipped cheese or a typical Icelandic yogurt that would remain as part of a regional dish, but the skyscraper left this country through the front door. He owes his success to an Icelandic chef and entrepreneur Sigi Hilmarsson, that He managed to get into the prestigious Columbia University in New York. As soon as he set foot in the Big Apple, he began to miss some of the flavors of his land.

She tried all the yogurts, but none of them were like Skyr, a breakfast staple and staple in her fridge. He decided to create his own tea and did it so well that big food companies quickly noticed him. Siggy went from being a business student to a great businessman. In 2016, it signed a major deal with the Starbucks cafeteria chain to sell this type of yogurt in its flagship stores.

How to incorporate skyr into your everyday life

Skyr can be eaten as yogurt in many ways, we can turn it into a base for desserts, but also savory. In the Sponge Cake and Chicken Gravy recipes, you’ll find two ways to use Skyr.

High protein skyr cake

Instead of making a classic yogurt cake, we are going to make a dessert that contains less fat and sugar. We replace sugar with stevia, it will give sweetness and it will be much healthier.


· 450 g of skyr

4 eggs

25 grams of stevia

60 g of corn starch

Lemon zest


1. Separate the protein from the yolks, beat the protein until stiff.

2. Add hearts and blue.

3. We combine stevia and corn starch.

4. We taste the zest of the lemon peel.

5. We prepare a non-sticky form.

6. We cook the cake at a temperature of 180º for about 45 minutes until it is ready.

7. Form and serve

Creamy Chicken Skewer Salad

This salad is a good option to take to work or to prepare on a hot summer day. Fresh from the fridge depends and is very easy to make, we just need to get good ingredients and get down to business.


· 4 pieces of chicken breast

150 g of skyri

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 teaspoon horseradish

· Salt

· Pepper

4 pigs

· Walnut

· Blueberries or sun-dried tomatoes


1. We cook the chicken breast on the grill, back and forth.

2. Prepare a creamy dressing by mixing with skyri olive oil, onion and finely chopped parsley.

3. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix the already cooked chicken.

4. The chicken should be finely chopped so that it is soaked with the mixture and is more juicy.

5. Serve with spinach leaves or rocket to give this recipe a little more color and flavor.

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