What is miso and how can it help improve cooking?

The Rich Japanese gastronomy It has authentic delicacies such as miso among its foundations, a food that has been able to push boundaries thanks to its properties and taste. Japanese cuisine goes beyond sushi, perhaps the most famous dish in the world. As one of the healthiest, it’s no surprise that miso is not missing among her recipes.

Miso is an element that has been Recently it has become popular And he did it to give any dish, Eastern or Western, a good dose of flavor and character. If we want to take care of ourselves a little more and experiment in the kitchen, we can bet on food that we know well.

what is miso

he Miso is edible Fermented, which is obtained from soybeans. It is essentially a fermented paste made from soybeans mixed with sea salt. Processing that allows us to achieve a good pantry stock that we can cook in a variety of recipes and it always looks good.

In all fermentations there is an element that works, in this case Koji mushroom It is responsible for the soy and sea salt that ends up giving it a unique flavor and texture. This mushroom is also used to make sake or shoyu. It works by adding flavor and helping to preserve it by providing these fermented products with the most beneficial microorganisms.

How do koji mushrooms work in miso?

The Fermentation of soy paste Mixing with sea salt is achieved thanks to the koji mushroom. This mushroom is very present in Asian cuisine, not only Japanese, but also Korean or Chinese; Among them, the main ingredients are some fermented ones, such as miso.

defined Miso varieties also include rice This kind of pasta that will eventually become a healthy food. The mixture must be left in a warm and humid place for fermentation, two elements that koji mushrooms need to work and do their “magic”.

Fermentation is a The process by which fungi are transformed Sugar starch releases fatty acids and amino acids. It is estimated that 974,000 tons of miso are produced annually in Japan. A number that gives us an idea of ​​the importance of this ingredient in Japanese cuisine, which would not be possible without the koji mushroom.

Types of miso used in cooking

Miso is an ingredient that originates from Japanese cuisine and is spread around the world. This is a protein that many vegans use in certain recipes. Depending on what taste we want to give to our dishes, we have to consider The most suitable type of miso.

· white miso: It has a fermentation process that lasts about 2 months. It has a white color and a slightly sweet taste. If you’ve never tried miso, this is a great way to get started. The ingredients of this miso are rice, soy and barley.

· Red miso: The fermentation process of this miso is for one year, so the reddish color and the most intense flavor are perfected. It is made by mixing soybeans and rice, so you will notice the softness of the rice.

· Hacho Misho: Made by fermenting only soybeans and koji mushrooms for one year. The mixture ends up with a very intense color, dark and black. This is usually the perfect miso to add a lot of flavor to vegan rice dishes.

These are the most common types of miso in the world, but they are not the only ones. There are different shades of miso, depending on the fermentation, the duration and the ingredients we add to this raisin, which ultimately becomes a delicious delicacy.

Why should we include miso in our diet or recipes?

Miso left Japan and did so thanks to its properties that make it a healthy option. A meat alternative powered by high quality protein.

The fact that it is a fermented food makes it ideal for helping before intestinal transit. Microorganisms that contribute to this process benefit the intestinal flora.

It is also rich in the minerals magnesium, iron and calcium and is an essential source of folic acid. Vitamin B12.

It is considered to be a probiotic food that helps maintain immunity through the elements it provides. Miso is featured heavily in a series of recipes that are easy to make and taste great.

How to Incorporate Miso to Enhance Your Dishes

Miso is one of the most popular recipes soups. Miso paste dissolves in broth, but if we don’t have time to make a traditional Japanese or Spanish broth, we can use hot water. This is a way to test the taste of miso and enjoy its properties.

Miso soup is made with wakame seaweed, which we can replace with chard or regular leaf spinach. Tofu is another traditional Japanese food that combines sliced. The Spanish version can have a little ham or bacon, it will give the soup a spectacular taste. Instead of meat, you can add some peeled and chopped shrimps for a mild tofu-like flavor.

Finally, chop the onion to garnish and present this soup that only takes a few minutes to prepare. The cooking time for whatever ingredients you decide to include, be it tofu, bacon, or shrimp, is a matter of 5-10 minutes at most.

Miso is a good base for soups and stews. You can include it to give them a lot of flavor, given that you can use it as well Marinated fish and meat. Dissolve miso in water and spread over meat or fish, cool and cook. It will be delicious and another way to incorporate miso into your recipes.

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