Ringwood: Covid vaccine protest on footbridge over A31

Supporters of the international anti-Covid vaccination movement staged a protest on a dual carriageway in Hampshire.

Five people gathered on a footbridge over the A31 in Ringwood.

One of them was holding a sign that read: “Healthy children do not need the Covid-19 vaccine.”

They also unfurled a large yellow banner that read: “Suddenly Died – Why?”

A banner on the other side of the bridge read: “Climate quarantine? Not really!”

Motorists reported traffic jams caused by drivers slowing down to observe protesters, but a Hampshire Police spokesman said the incident appeared to have gone unnoticed.

It is not known who organized the protests and why they chose this particular place.

This week it was reported that the psychologist died after being vaccinated against Covid-19 by Oxford-AstraZeneca.

An investigation revealed that London-based NHS worker Stephen Wright died in January 2021, ten days after receiving his first dose of the vaccine.

Dr. Wright, 32, developed a blood clot in his brain.

The investigation determined that his death was due to “unintended complications from the vaccine.”

Chief Medical Examiner Andrew Harris called it “a highly unusual and deeply tragic case.”

Author: Chris Yandel
Source: DailyEcho





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