Emergency room staff at Daisy Hill Hospital received a warm welcome as the emergency room doors reopened.

The team joined their Craigavon ​​colleagues in response to the first wave of coronavirus in Northern Ireland.

Melanie McClements, director of acute services at the Southern Trust, paid tribute to staff for their dedication over the past few months and said they were happy to reopen the emergency department but it was a “worrying time”.

She added: “We extend our heartfelt thanks to our emergency department and direct assessment unit teams at Daisy Hill and all other staff who joined their colleagues in Craigavon ​​in responding to the first wave of this pandemic.

The staff is warmly welcomed at ED

“Staff across Daisy Hill have done real teamwork to prepare the hospital for the return of the ER, from property and ancillary services to other units reorganized to accommodate medical beds.

“With Covid-19 cases increasing in our community and more patients admitted to hospital, the past few weeks have been a stark reminder of the challenges we have always highlighted as we try to rebuild our services.

“While we are delighted that Daisy Hill’s emergency department has reopened, with ongoing demands on our services and the growing threat of Covid-19 putting pressure on our workforce, this is a worrying time.

“We recognize all our staff for their determination and commitment to their patients and urge everyone to help us protect the services of those who need them most by following our guidelines and only attending with acute urgent symptoms come, go to our emergency room. “